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7 Instagram Stars You’ll Find at the University of Florida


On a campus dominated by social media, it’s only natural that Instagram is a major contribution to the school’s social status. With such a diverse student body, you’re sure to find plenty of variety when scrolling through your newsfeed. Here are some of the big players you can expect to lend likes to.


7.) The Sorority Princess:

Instagram Stars: sorority princesses

Guaranteed at least 500 likes, this srat star takes great pride in the balance of bright colors and partial nudity that can be found scrolling through her account. It’s not uncommon for her posts to be bombarded by vaguely pedophilic comments by mysterious men with blank profile pictures, but nevertheless, their praise is appreciated.

6.) The Broward Dining Hall Foodstagrammer:

Instagram Stars: Broward Foodstagramer

Unable to experience the true pleasures of gourmet delicacy, this freshman finds the bright side of campus dining. Featuring dishes such as Broward Cookies and Mystery Meat with a side of Roasted Roach, this account is sure to discourage any freshman fifteen eating habits.

5.) The Southwest Workout Guru:

Instagram Stars: Southwest Guru


Draped head to toe in Lululemon, this exercise obsessed beast makes you feel shitty about yourself for every second you aren’t at the gym. Failed attempts at being relatable include: black and white photos of Freshens smoothies, and armpit sweat stains in the weight room.

4.) The FSU Hate Page:

Instagram Stars: FSU Hate Page

Fueling the hatred 365 days a year, this account gets you hyped to attack the enemy on game day for literally any sport. You can find yourself proving your superior education in their comment section even though a Nole will most likely never read it.

3.) The Albert and Alberta Fan-Fiction Account:

Instagram Stars: 50 Shades of Green: An Albert and Alberta Fanfiction

The creative writing students provide us some of our best content through their ability to sensualize Albert and Alberta’s relationship. Ever wonder what slimy green alligator sex is like? Look no further!

2.) The Beautiful Men of Lib West:

Instagram Stars: Lib West Men

Finding the beauty in a place of horror, this account picks out the true gems of the male species as they further their education. This gives followers the ability to find themselves a man with brains and a body.

1.) The Hideous Men of Marston:

Instagram Stars: Marston Men

Taking an alternative approach to distraction in the library, this account targets the less fortunate students just trying to gradate. It makes the person who runs it feel better about himself because he doesn’t have that much acne showing through the study room glass.

Keep an eye out for these social superstars to boost your feed and gain some loyal likers.


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