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Which UF Spud is Supreme?: Turlington’s Potato or Marston’s French Fries?


UF is home to many juicy topics of debate. From discussions between opposing views in Turlington, to game day rivalries, to drunken debacles in the middle of Mid, it’s clear that UF students really enjoy being vocal about their views. This week’s topic of debate for two of our staff members: which UF starchy monument reigns supreme?

Sarah Brown: The potato is literally so ugly. It’s just a rock. Like who the fuck would want to take a picture with that? The French Fries are so much more artistic and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Josie Fuller: Seriously? They’re just yellow polls sticking up out of the ground. The potato is a substantial part of UF. Turlington would be nothing without it.

Sarah Brown: And Marston’s would be nothing without the fries. You can do soooo much with fries. Like, climb them, ENO on them, dip them in delicious sauces.

Josie Fuller: Wow, so you can put a hammock on them. The potato comes with its own bench seating, plus potatoes are waaay more versatile than french fries. Baked, sliced, chips, and fries all start with the potato.

Sarah Brown: Okay so the potato came first, world problems solved. You get more with fries, you can eat them on the go, and they’re fried. Everything’s better fried.

Josie Fuller: French fries literally begin as potatoes. Potatoes are the superior starch. Do you hear people on campus say, “Hey, meet me at the fries”? No. They say, “meet me at Marston.” But you always hear, “Meet me at the potato.”

Sarah Brown: That point is so irrelevant. Who cares where you meet?

Josie Fuller: Obviously the people care if they’re the ones who are actually meeting. Either way, a potato is a potato.

Which starch sculpture is superior on campus? Gators may never know, but we can all at least agree that all potatoes are equally great.

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