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The Black Sheep Interviews: The Good Boys of UF


With the stress of trying to get your professor to change your 62 to a 90, worrying about finals and wondering whether anyone is going to sublease your shitty apartment for summer, a break is exactly what you need right now. Behold, the dogs of UF. Take a minute or an hour and enjoy the goodest boys that this campus has to offer. 

10.) Toby:

Puppy Therapy: Toby

This good boy is Toby. He’s getting ready for his graduation photos while regretting how much he paid this Instagram photographer.


9.) Petey:

Puppy Therapy: Petey

Petey just turned three (which is 21 in dog years) and you know what that means: Puppy Sign Night!!! Wooo! His theme is Bones and Hoes.

8.) Sonic:

Puppy Therapy: Sonic

Sonic is gearing up for his first study abroad trip. His parents think he’s going to learn so much, but really he’s just planning on getting wasted every night.

7.) Cole and Chloe:

Puppy Therapy: Cole and Chloe

These two are the best fraternal twins you could meet. They act super smart by taking turns asking their parents for money so they can prosper together at Fats.

6.) Milo:

Puppy Therapy: Milo

Milo stays in shape by running the trails at Lake Alice. He claims to have fought an alligator once, and wears his bandana to cover the scars.

5.) Emma Jean:

Puppy Therapy: Emma Jean

Emma Jean loves her sisterhood at sorority Bark Gamma Bark; she enjoys all the candid shots her little takes of her.

4.) Blue:

Puppy Therapy: Blue

Blue is the super cool freshman on campus. Every frat wants him to rush next semester to boost their attraction levels. Definitely a 10/10 good boy.

3.) Marely:

Puppy Therapy: Marely

Marely = that super senior who just loves being a Gator too much to let it go. The good news is that he’ll attend UF as a grad student studying to be an orthopedic surgeon.

2.) Maggie:

Puppy Therapy: Maggie

Maggie’s a campus rep for UF and always has a little piece of the Gators in her selfies just to make sure no one forgets.

1.) Riley:

Puppy Therapy: Riley

Riley literally has no idea what’s going on. She’s everyone’s spirit animal this finals week.

We hope these cute puppers helped you calm down and refocus for all of the 27 things you were probably working on before you saw this post.

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