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A Review of the UF CJC Career Showcase: Who Cried Where?

Instead of participating in the campus wide career showcase, the J school has their own to make journalism students feel ~special~. Here’s a look at what went down and who cried where.

Maria Vance, sophomore:

Maria sobbed before she even got to the venue when she realized that instead of sending a link to her professional Twitter, she sent one to her personal account. This wouldn’t have been a big deal if she hadn’t tweeted, “Going to this fuck ass interview tomorrow #FuckYouPayMe,” the day before. She cried for so long the company interviewing her actually gave her the job just to make her shut up.

Jacob Staffer (center), senior:

Teary-eyed when he showed up in Chubbies, Sperrys and a button up, only to find every other male in full suits. “Bro, I’m not ready for ESPN, bro. I messed up.” Jacob was heard whimpering as they walked away from the ballroom.

Amy Wallace, freshman:
Sister of Beta Theta Dobeta Banana Fanna Fo Fayta Beta, showed up in totally cute maxi dresses and wedges. She fucking owned it and got hired for internships with QVC.

Sherry Tinkle, Georgina Chipman, Jojo Meyers, and Lucy Daniels, all freshmen:

This sad group of freshmen was found in the Reitz Union lobby sobbing over the fact that they need three years experience to get an entry level, unpaid internship that’s across the country and requires you to find a place to live and form of transportation all on your own.

Christina Doubler, Mark Jacobson, and Joshua Goldstein, all seniors:

These seniors were also found looking a bit teary-eyed right next to them when they found out the same thing.

Between the resumes with typos, girls tripping in their heels, intimidating companies, and missing interview times, there was a ridiculous amount of tears. But hopefully everyone was able to find their dream jobs!

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