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Your Summer Semester at Florida as Told By Tiger Woods

Summer classes are as much a blessing as they are a curse.  Between the beauty of having just one or two classes to the constant threat of getting eaten alive by mosquitos, your sad summer semester existence is full of ups and downs. You know who else has a lot of ups and downs? Tiger Woods. Scroll though and let Tiger express some of the most common summer semester feels.


5.) Realizing literally everything is empty:


 No hassle to find parking, no walking laps around Library West to get a seat, and actually being able to get in and out of the Pollo line before dying of hunger.


4.) When you start to get bored because there’s literally no one around:


 Everything on campus closes at 4, but it’s not all bad ‘cause you can get to Archer with no traffic.



3.) Those exams every other week start to pile up on you:


 You’ve spent more time inside Library West than you have at your shitty sublease, and can’t really remember what the outside world looks like.


2.) The sadness sets in:


You’re now accepting the fact that you will either be soaking wet from rain or burning alive from the heat at random points throughout the day.


1.) It’s all over:


When you have pneumonia from constantly getting wet and ending up on freezing cold busses, failed 2/3 exams, and realize you’re paying for all of this out of pocket.


Summer semesters are expensive and stressful, but it definitely beats going home and hearing your mom complain all summer. So in a time like this, look to Tiger and realize it could be so, so much worse.

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