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Top 6 Drunk Food Spots in Sarasota, Florida

Sarasota is quickly becoming quirky, cultural, and hip; which makes this Gulf Coast city a winner for everyone’s drunk food cravings. If you’re home for the summer, just visiting, or even a local, then be sure to check out these fav spots next time you’re drunk walking home from the bar singing “Pour Some Sugar on Me”.

6.) Hob Nob Drive-In:

The American go-to drunk food is definitely dirty burgers, slimy hotdogs, and fucking french fries, Lucky for you, that’s exactly what this 50s themed joint has to offer. It’s honestly just your average themed diner, but that’s what makes it so great is this wieners always taste 100x better when you’re giddily drunk.

5.) Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream:

You’re cool and fun, and also really into science, right? Well at least that’s what you tell yourself while inhaling some deliciously, tasty, science ice cream. You’ll end up here after debating your ability to touch dry ice with your drunk friend Zach, then end up having your mind completely wrecked when learning that, 1.) you can create your own custom flavor, and 2.) see it frozen with LN2.

4.) Cha Cha Coconuts, Florribean Cuisine:

Cha Cha’s is a fun, upbeat, spot with a little bit of everything on the menu—from good ole’ burgers and patty melts, to Caribbean favs like creole shrimp and jerk chicken. This “Florribean” local spot will definitely get those taste buds watering, while keeping your thirst happy with an array of fruity tropical cocktails, and extensive beer list.

3.) Manny’s To-Go!:

If burgers aren’t your thing and you need something quick while on your way home at midnight, then this little taco truck on Bee Ridge will be your savior in sour cream. Tacos are another one of those foods that just tastes better while drunk, and Manny’s will not disappoint you.

2.) Linger Lodge’s Exotic Animal Cuisine:

The only time you might be able to bring yourself to eat frog legs, gator, or wasabi-mashed potatoes is while you’re drunk. For those sober enough to devour these delicacies, don’t fret, this local treasure does offer your run-of-the-mill chicken tenders on the kid’s menu. Laaaaaame.

1.) Munchies 420 (BLAZE IT) Café:

Munchies 420 café is not only a hit spot for those who dabble in ~greener~ activities, but also for curbing drunken late-night cravings. Munchies is open from 4:20 p.m.- 4:20 a.m.— a fitting time frame— and is known for serving up some big-ass portions and their killer “Fire in Your Hole Wings.” Perfect if you’re drunk because hopefully you’ll be out of it enough to not be embarrassed when you shed tears of joy over the size of your sandwich.

Being drunk and eating greasy (sometimes weird) combos of food really is true happiness. Sarasota, you’re doing great, sweetie.

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