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UF F Book Traditions: Expectations vs. Reality


Completing the UF F Book is one of those traditions that every freshman hears about at Preview and naively thinks, “I’m going to do every single one!” Think again, youngins. What most likely will happen is you’ll half-start one tradition in the book and never finish it. All of a sudden, it’ll be the week before graduation and you’ll have a classic “oh shit” moment. Below are just a few examples of F Book moments everyone thinks they’ll complete, versus the sad reality of what happens.

Working out at Southwest:

Expectations: This is one of the easiest F Book traditions. It’s literally just “go work out.”

Reality: The thought of going to Southwest, getting sweaty, and being uncomfortable while your peers stare at you doing your best to not look like seal flopping around is a no.

UF Family Weekend:

Expectations: Parents weekend is a happy time where your parent(s) will get to come see you, take pictures, and see how their baby is doing away at school.

Reality: During family weekend, you’re a stressed mess, emotional AF, and trying not to let it slip that your classes are not going as well as you’ve been telling you parents on the phone. Oh and you’re drunk. Right now.

Joining a Student Organization:

Expectations: Another easy enough F Book tradition! The Gator Nation has an abundance of groups on campus, as seen by flyers in Turlington.

Reality: Joining a group isn’t always what it’s cut out to be. It will go one of two ways; you’ll go to the first meeting, maybe the second, and never go back, OR joining the group will suck the literal life out of you. But hey, learning to cook sounds fun.

Vote in an SGA Election:

Expectations: You really want to “be more involved” in school, and what’s a better way to get involved than to support your schools student government?

Reality: You’ll see the students walking around campus wearing “I Voted” stickers, clipboards in hand, and a vigorous agenda to get your vote. You’ll get overwhelmed and dip the fuck outta their path.

Getting Involved With Your College:

Expectations: Young and hopeful freshmen always come in ready to be super active in school, which involves joining groups and actively participating in events that coincide with your college/major. Not so hard, right?

Reality: Your hopes and dreams will be crushed as soon as the workload hits and you certainly won’t want to think about school in your 3 minutes and 47 seconds of “free time.”

BEAT T-Shirts:

Expectations: Getting a BEAT t-shirt always seems like such a vital and exciting moment for freshmen and their first year of footballs games. All you have to do is be one of the first 1,500 students in line!

Reality: You’ve only been waiting in the line for three hours, but you’re sweating by the gallon, and eventually you will give up to pee or eat food.

Hey, we’ve all tried to do F Book traditions, and yeah some have succeeded, but those people are super Gators. Most of us are just trying to get through the week.

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