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7 Tips and Tricks UF Definitely Won’t Tell You at Preview

Congrats tiny Gators, you made it. Now that you’re all in, it’s time to think like a college student. The transition from high school to college is huge. Knowing this, the University of Florida hosts Previews and orientations for incoming freshmen to better assimilate into the college lifestyle. But orientation doesn’t cover everything—so we’re here to bring you the rest of the wisdom needed to succeed at UF.

7.) Buy All of Your Textbooks:
How do you plan on succeeding in any of your classes without the professor-prescribed text? Not only do you need all of the textbooks for all of your classes (especially online ones), but you should buy them. There’s no reason to rent your textbooks because they all have valuable information you need in the future. And Googling just doesn’t work anymore.

6.) You Don’t Need to Register for Classes Early:
UF’s administration runs like clockwork. Registering for classes is a breeze. Furthermore, no one ever has to wait four hours at a time to talk to their advisor about some ridiculous issue with class registration—that you didn’t know was possible until it actually happened. Think of your registration time as more of a ‘soft deadline.’

5.) Taking a Picture with the Gator:
Your orientation leader definitely mentioned the tradition of taking a picture with the gator in front of the stadium. Rumor has it you won’t graduate if you forget to take that photo by the time you graduate. What they don’t tell you: it doesn’t count if you aren’t in the gator’s mouth. Before being banned from walking across the stage at graduation—get that picture.

4.) There’s No Reason Not to Go out Every Night:
Freshman year is that special time in life where, uninhibited by soul-crushing responsibility, you can hit the bars nearly every night. Everyone knows that if you have a trashy freshman year GPA, you can just work hard to bring it back up in the next three years. That’s just how the math works.

3.) The Gym is Never Packed:
If you love to go to the gym, you don’t need to stress. You can slide into the weight room at any time of the day without issue. At no point will Southwest or Student Rec resemble a club where the rule is one out, one in. After dinner, everyone gets super sluggish from scarfing down those calories and the gym becomes practically empty between 5-8 p.m. 

2.) You Won’t Need to Arrive Places Early:
One thing you won’t do at UF? Wait in lines. Most places around colleges had the foresight to accommodate their venues for the mass influxes of students that come out every event. All those people who camp out for events like College Gameday are actually just part of an elaborate prank. Do not fool yourself.

1.) You Don’t Have to Get Involved, the Job Market Isn’t that Competitive:
You don’t need to always look out for the next opportunity to get involved on campus or in clubs. The people who acquire jobs tell you that your future employers don’t care what you we do in college as long as you have a great GPA. They all think the ability to lead and communicate is overrated—go figure.

With these tips and tricks UF neglects, every freshman should be ready to come into college swinging. Then again, maybe the best lesson here is to not believe everything you read.

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