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6 UF Phrases Translated for Your Naive Little Brain


People at UF communicate with a very specific, and coded language. Have you ever heard a professor or student say something that you had to awkwardly Google to figure out what they were talking about? We’re not surprised! Here are some common phrases UF students and professors use that may go over your head the first few times: 

“I have class in Norman Hall.” translates to “I’m going to have great legs at the end of this semester.”

Norman hall is the worst possible building to have classes in. Not only is it haunted but it’s also in BFE. Whether you’re over the street or under the creepy tunnel, your legs will be looking right after the walk to Norman. 

“Attendance is not taken.” translates to “This exam is going to be harder than life.”

While lecture classes give the great appeal of not having to actually go to class, their exams make sure that you pay for skipping. Go ahead and sleep through all of your 3 p.m. lectures, then find yourself scrambling to finish the study guide and showing up when you have to retake this class. 

“This is a recommended text.” translates to “Do not waste your fucking money on this book.” 

While some kids spring for the extra help that professors swear will help them pass this class, that recommended book is usually useless. We guarantee that you can find information just as good –nay, BETTER– on Quizlet, or by begging your classmates for their notes. 

“Do you want to go to the Hub?” translates to “Do you want to wait three hours for Chick-fil-A?” 

The new Hub is beautiful! Its spacious interior and new seating make it the perfect spot to hang out. However, they’re still slow as hell. No matter what you’re buying, don’t expect to be in and out of Chick-Fil-A any faster than 45 minutes, and then have to spend an extra 15 there because they got your order wrong. 

“I’m gonna do stadiums tonight.” translates to “I’m gonna walk to the stadium, take a picture of the sunset then leave.” 

Oh how we wish we could all be fit and healthy enough to actually run up and down those stairs at Ben Hill Griffin. After walking the first flight to get to the top and realizing how winded you are, not only is it a shot to the ego but also the abs due to the intense cramping. At least you’ll have a nice pic for Insta! 

“I’m a junior by credits.” translates to “I’m over ambitious and going to fail this semester.” 

These freshmen don’t realize what they’re getting themselves into. Your few semesters doing dual enrollment are nothing compared to what UF is going to throw at you. So enjoy your seven 8 a.m. classes and 20 credit semester while you can, cause it won’t last long. 

No matter where you’re from, you’ll get acclimated to the UF lingo pretty quickly. If you hear something that you still don’t know, just laugh and nod. Enjoy your semesters! 

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