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UF Sorority Recruitment Now Requiring Pledges to Literally Jump Through Hoops

In an attempt to make things more difficult for the potential new members, the Omicron Mu Gamma chapter at UF has decided that their prospective pledges should have to literally jump through large hoops in order to be considered for initiation.

“We were getting pretty bored of stacking 100 people on top of each other, so we really scratched our heads for something that was truly cruel and unusual,” said OMΓ sister Kelly-Anne Simmons. “That’s when we bought all the hula hoops! I can’t wait for them to fall and fuck up.”

OMΓ will front a panel of judges, who will critique the girls. Points will be deducted for fat jiggling, broken ankles, nip slips, and crying. Points will be given for perky boobs, a tight asses, and being very loud.

Tiffany Waguespack, president of OMΓ, told The Black Sheep that their motive behind this decision was “purely for entertainment purposes.” She went on to comment saying, “Yeah, we just told them that agility was an important part of the commitment. But really, we just like to laugh at how desperate these girls are to make friends and sing songs.”

This new obstacle will be taking place during the Sisterhood Round of recruitment. The potential new members are currently at Lululemon buying all of the same clothes in preparation for the event.

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