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UF Students Literally Dying to See Theresa Caputo Live!


The “Long Island Medium” star Theresa Caputo has scheduled an event in Gainesville tonight, but since tickets aren’t free, students are dropping dead just to get to see her.

Allie Day, a sophomore communications major was the first to disappear after tweeting out on Wednesday:

“Every other speaker who came here was free thanks to UF SG, but now the only way I can afford to see Caputo, study for finals and get enough sleep in between those is to become a spirit.”

Other students began following her lead even launching the social media campaign #DieForCaputoLive. What some estimate as hundreds of (or more likely just five or so) students deciding to tweet out the hashtag, increasingly more students have been suddenly dropping dead themselves too.

“Caputo has some kind of power just coming here. I have proof too, ever since my roommate fell off his bunk and became a spirit or something, he’s visited all kinds of dead places: Cantina, TKE houses on a weekend, professors’ office hours at the beginning of a semester; all of it,” said Michael Torrence, a microbiology major who claims to have contacted his former roommate around 4 o’clock today.

UF admin have noticed the growing amount of students dying only to see Caputo, but are worried it has gone too far.

“There’s nothing cool about death. Sure, you get to spook your friends when Mrs. Caputo does a reading, but there’s so much more to live for,” said President Fuchs in an email to UF’s student body. Things like paying over $100 dollars to see a reality star medium use broad generalizations that sometimes identify people in an audience.”  

So far only 11 students have actually purchased tickets, but Exactech employees are positive the arena will be during the show. 

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