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UF Syllabus Week Drinking Game


It’s the final day of syllabus week, Gators! After having the most relaxed week of the semester (besides breaks), you realize it was also boring AF. Here at The Black Sheep, our dedication to making sure your time in college isn’t boring as shit led to us developing this awesome syllabus week drinking game.


What You’ll Need:

  • Unlike most drinking games, which require a shot glass, this one needs a little more discretion. Some options to try: a Gatorade bottle, drinking goggles, or a bra flask.
  • Any alcohol you can find.
  • The will to get through the syllabus.



By the end of the class, your alcohol level shows that you drank more than a 6 a.m. tailgator at halftime.


How to Play:

  • Find your newly claimed semester seat in the back of the class and keep your discretely placed liquor within drinking distance.
  • Drink a little before the prof or TA walks in, just to prepare for the snooze fest.
  • Once class starts, take a swig for each of these incidents:
    • Someone awkwardly introducing themselves to someone else.
    • Every time your prof says, “This is important, don’t skip over this.”
    • Any icebreaker activity you have to do.
    • When they say, “It’s going to take me a while to learn your names.”
    • When that kid gets up and storms out half way though.
    • A sigh, groan or yawn echoes throughout the room.
    • You see slides re-teaching you on how to take notes, write an essay or just simply function as a human.
    • You hear: “You cannot miss this class, attendance is mandatory.”
    • One drink per syllabus page containing the same copied and pasted “UF honor code,” “sexual misconduct” or “UF numbers to call” list.
    • When “No late work is accepted.”
    • When you go over grade break downs—extra shot for classes that have 60%+ exam scores (RIP).


Lightning Round:

During the last ten minutes of class—or when you’re nearing the end of the syllabus—look around the room and take a drink for every person that looks like they are: about to pass out, on their phone, doodling, or already packed up and halfway out the door.

Once class ends, chug everything left (i.e. NONE) and refill for the next round of syllabi. Happy drinking, and RIP to anyone who went through this week sober.


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