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Registration for UF Weed Science Courses Skyrocket after 4/20


Course registration for fall 2017 is in full swing as this spring semester comes to an end, and students across UF begin to fight for the ideal classes that their schedules. But few courses have seen such a massive spark in registration as Introduction to Weed Science this April 20.   

Throughout UF campus, Intro to Weed Science is a course infamous for its drop rate. Professors often complain that many students fail the class due to poor attendance, or lack of attention.

“No one ever shows up,” states former Intro to Weed Science professor Miki Marshall. “The ones that do just spend the entire 50 minutes laughing and high-fiving each other every time I say the word ‘weed.’”

Faculty remains at a loss for the reasoning behind this record high in course interest every year.

“Weed science courses can certainly blaze the path to a promising career for those who are interested,” said the prospective professor for the course’s fall semester. “But it’s puzzling that the number of art history majors registered for the course nearly triples around mid-April every year.”

Despite the professor’s blunt statement, students from across all liberal arts and fine arts majors remain adamant about taking the course.

“I love learning about this stuff, man,” said philosophy major, Brent Willis surrounded by a mysterious cloud of smoke. “It’s the only thing I’ve been good at since I was like, thirteen.”

Without a doubt, it’s always comforting to see UF students following their lifelong passions. When asked if he would switch to studying agronomy full time, Willis responded with, “I don’t know what that means,” followed by a longer than necessary chuckle.

Hopefully this sudden interest in weed science will help roll up some degrees come graduation time.  

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