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Visiting Group on Campus Displays Photos of Mutilated Pizzas to Advocate Pro-Pineapple Views

Earlier this week, UF students were horrified to see disturbing images depicting pineapple-free pizza badly disfigured and thrown on the ground. The group, Baked Equal, stood outside of the Reitz Union on Tuesday morning to protest Papa John’s allowing students to order pizza without pineapples.

“On my way into the Reitz to grab my usual two slices of cheese and a fountain drink, I saw the signs and I was shaken to my core,” recounted sophomore Darryl Johnson. “I think the signs were there to disgust us, but it actually just made me want my cheese pizza even more, just to stick it to them.” Students have been speaking out against this group, going so far as to gather in a large circle around the scene to protest.

“MY PIZZA, MY CHOICE,” was the chant heard all around campus. Students stood up against Baked Equal and argued that mandating pineapple on pizza would cause much more harm than good.

“What about students who don’t like or are allergic to pineapple? What about the ones who can’t afford to add a topping to their pizza?” demanded student activist Mindy Meyers. “Where do we draw the line?”

Other students were simply made uncomfortable by the graphic photos.

“Seriously, nobody wants to see that,” complained junior Jake Gilchrist. “No matter what your views are about pineapple, no one should have to see that on their school’s campus.”

The spectacle lasted until late afternoon. Students were last seen being brought into the Reitz Union by volunteer Papa John’s escorts.

And without further ado, we give you A VINE POWER HOUR.

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