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10 Weird-Ass Gifts To Buy Straight Off UGA Buy Sell Trade Groups

If you’re a UGA student wanting to get fun yet affordable gifts for your friends, or if you’re a relative trying to find relevant gifts for a UGA student, look no further than the Facebook Groups of Athens. Between marketplaces, online yard sales, free & for sale groups, and UGA Exchange, there are plenty of unique options for your loved ones. These items are so interesting that you’d never find them on Amazon or at Target. We’ve picked out the best of the best from these Facebook groups and created a 2017 holiday gift guide for Athens folk:


10.) American Girl doll and her horse:

The perfect gift for your horse loving friends! If your mother never told you, these will be worth a lot one day, so it’s like gifting someone an investment as well.

9.) Throw-up-colored shower curtain:

Perfect shape for a shower, or a superhero cape? Either way, if you have a loved one that doesn’t mind getting their FABRIC curtain moldy from water, this is the gift for them. Plus it’s a nice vomit color!

8.) A lamp that has seen better days:

Great for your Jewish friends, as a symbol of the story of Hanukkah.

7.) The most interesting cow painting in the world:

Honestly, this seller knows how to talk up a piece of art. Like they said, this gift would create great conversation in the home, especially if you’re giving it to people who enjoy getting stoned and over analyzing trippy cows.

6.) “Michael Kors” purses straight from Chinatown:

If you’ve ever visited New York City and taken a walk down Canal Street of Chinatown, then you’ve seen these purses on every corner, laid out on tarps in case the cops come to bust the operation and the seller needs to run. If you want to get your loved one a cheap gift that they hopefully won’t realize is cheap, like this Facebook seller was hoping, buy one of these purses!

5.) Gun cabinet:

Welcome to the South! If you’re looking for a gift for a fraternity brother that has moved out of the house and has his own place, he’ll love this.

4.) Diapers for women:

Living in Athens and having to study all the time can be very stressful, and having a small bladder on top of that does not make for a good situation. If you know someone who doesn’t have the time in her day to get up and go to the restroom to pee, get her these! She may be embarrassed at first, but trust us, she’ll be happy she has them.

3.) Light-up sign for happily taken people only:

This seller says there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the sign, she just doesn’t want it anymore because she went through a breakup. Yikes! This apparently is not the best gift for your single friends, but if you’re looking for a gift for someone who’s annoyingly happy in their relationship, they’ll probably enjoy having this decor in their room!

2.) Feminine products that can all be found at local drug stores:

Why go to CVS and buy these things when you can drive all the way to Winterville, GA and buy them for the exact same price?! Your lady friends of Athens will appreciate the extra effort you went through to get them this gift.

1.) Duck bathroom accessories:

Wow, a duck motif! Your english major friends will love these accessories for their bathroom because of the recurring duck theme going on here.

These gifts are undoubtedly the best that Athens has to offer, and they’re all great deals. However, if you’re not completely sold on our picks, check out the Facebook groups for yourself. There’s hundreds of unique items that are just so tempting, they may be gone if you don’t jump on the offers soon.


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