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5 Gameday Struggles Dawgs Love to Hate

Fellow Dawgs, football season is upon us. It’s time to wake up and smell the liquor in our coffees… and the puke of the 40-year-old die-hard Dawgs fan who has been posted up on Myers Quad since 7 a.m. armed with a Yeti Cooler full of Bud Light, but not armed with a University of Georgia diploma. This is just one of the many hilarious phenomena we love to hate on Gamedays.


Sunburnt Freshmen


Where You’ll See it: Just about everywhere on campus the Monday after the first home game of the season. Looks like record-breaking entrance criteria did not qualify these kids to understand how UV radiation works.


Why You Hate it: Your eyes are tired from looking at a sea full of red in the stands. Avert your eyes from these lobster children. Or buy them some aloe, at least.

Why You Love it: It makes you nostalgic AF for freshman year. It wasn’t that long ago that you were an SEC virgin and also a 1st degree burn patient.


Apocalyptic Stampedes at the Student Gate


Where You’ll See it: Artfully tucked behind Reed and Payne so that the alums and Dawg fans can’t witness the pre-game hype/debauchery.


Why You Hate it: You’re pretty sure half of these people have never heard of deodorant and any concept of personal space is at this time considered mythical. Hope you like beer burps and shoving!


Why You Love it: There’s something about being in physical proximity to your fellow Dawgs that makes your heart swell and fill with orientation level enthusiasm.


Dads Doing Keg Stands on Fraternity House Lawns


Where You’ll See it: Just about everywhere. If you start your trek down to the Stadium from Milledge, you will almost certainly hear some bros chanting a count and hoisting a man that is at least 50 years old upside down over a keg.


Why You Hate it: You fear you are peaking in college. That the only fun you can hope to have in the real world will involve returning to Ath.


Why You Love it: You will be massively disappointed if you DON’T come back to this place all the time. It’s awesome. And you better be able to beat a college kid’s keg stand record at 50. After all, you earned that beer belly.


Not Being Awarded a Full Home Game Package


Where You’ll See it: In the salty expressions worn by the sad students who got slighted either a ‘Bama or a USC ticket this season (mostly sophomores).


Why You Hate It: Watching the game at home IS NOT THE SAME. Besides, who can even afford cable right now anyway?!


Why You Love it: If you did happen to score the entire home game package, you feel like you just won the lottery. #Blessed.


Day Drinking


Where You’ll See it: EVERYWHERE. IT’S ANARCHY.


Why You Hate It: It’s actually an incredibly daunting task. What other occasion requires you to go out the night before the game in anticipation, start tailgating as early as 7 or 8 in the morning the day of, continue to drink heavily throughout, and then somehow muster the liver power to celebrate a win or drown your sorrows after a loss?! None. This one.


Why You Love it: It’s a chance to finally cut loose after full weeks’ worth of assigned readings, all nighters, and crackaccinos. No one will judge you for being 2 a.m. wasted at 4 p.m. on game day.


Yes, it’s time to celebrate some aspects of Gameday we all love to love. It’s time to Call the Dawgs, belt our best Glory Glory’s, and ring the Chapel Bell. It’s time to come together and celebrate the reason we are all here: SEC football. It’s time to feel the electricity surging through our veins as thousands of our best friends cheer on The Dawgs to a victory in this year’s season opener. It’s time to tee it up between the hedges! Go Dawgs, baby!

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