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5 Great Places for Downtown Athens Drunchies

We’ve all been there. After a night of raucous fun, it’s only right to gorge yourself on whatever food you can safely get your hands on. Thankfully for us Athenians, there is a plethora of incredible drunk food at a walkable (or deliverable) distance. Here are a few favorites of The Black Sheep staff.


Lay-Z Shopper


You had to see this one coming. The Lay-Z Shopper is almost as popular as your favorite bar at this point– And by that we mean they have a legitimate one-in/ one-out door policy because the place is so damn crowded.


If you had to set your watch by human behavior, it could be accurately set by the swarm of people heading to Lay-Z Shopper at 2:15 a.m. once everyone is thrown out of bars. Inside they have all the obvious incredible drunk snacks (Cheez-Its, Pringles, Cheetos, you name it), but behold the true glory of this establishment: The Lay-Z Shopper Sub Sandwich. With a complete array of breads, cheeses, meats, and dressings they can ensure your satisfaction of whatever bizarre combination your drunk mind desires.


Major shout outs to Lay-Z Shopper for making our hangovers somewhat more bearable by soaking up the booze in our systems.


The Grill


An Athens classic. The usually nostalgic aura of a 1950’s diner is pleasant, though  completely shattered by drunk, hungry millennials at 2 a.m.


They serve up your Southern favorites: grits, waffles, milkshakes, pancakes, bacon, grilled cheese, burgers… the list goes on and on. More of a sit-down and relax with your food vibe than a race home and devour food in your bed as you watch Criminal Minds vibe.


Little Italy


Your go-to pizza place downtown for late night drunchies. Also with borderline bar-like popularity, it’s a given that you’ll see at least 5 people you know jonesin’ for a slice of their signature pizza. They legitimately have a cop just hanging out in there to make sure people don’t get too buckwild while waiting for pizza. Though in actuality, he’s probably just the lucky cop that gets free pizza and laughs at ridiculous college students.


Even if it wasn’t good, we’d never know. Anything tastes good when you’re a pitcher of beer in at 2 a.m.


Insomnia/ Always Baked


We put these two in the same category because they’re pretty much the same thing. A delivery service…for…cookies. Arguably the most genius invention since sliced bread.


We recommend both equally, though Always Baked tends to be a bit more on the expensive side and Insomnia is actually downtown. However, major kudos to Always Baked for their ~herbal~ play on words.


We particularly recommend the Double Chocolate Chunk Cookiewich from Insomnia. Thank us later.


Pizza Hut


This may seem a bit mundane since we already shouted out to pizza spots downtown, but hear us out. Located directly next to Brumby Hall on Baxter, it has solely contributed to the Freshman 15 (and also, irrefutable happiness) of hundreds if not thousands of students.


There is truly no better moment than getting the phone call that your pizza has arrived after an exhausting night out. You devour it alongside your friends while uncontrollably laughing at all the hilarious things that happened that night. Repeat at least 10 times a year until you unfortunately graduate.


It’s our sincere hope that you’ll take these recommendations to heart, dawgs. Don’t pass up these beautiful opportunities for drunchies provided for you and just get Taco Bell again!

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