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5 Things More Common Than A Free MLC Study Room

If you have ever attempted to find an open MLC study room, than you have been on that struggle bus. In fact, the particular struggle bus you hopped on is headed for a tsunami while combusting into flames, a feat more likely than securing an empty MLC study room.

5.) Your friend throwing up in the Uber:
Finally, it’s not you this time. We all know sometimes downtown can be a hit or a miss. And when it is a huge miss, the negative energy can follow you to your Uber. We also know that some Uber drivers need to have their licenses revoked for taking a speed bump at 100 mph. It is at the bump’s apex that your friend can no longer hold down that mixture of Chick-fil-A and a $5 handle of vodka. In that moment, the vomit then becomes a statement piece of your outfit.

4.) Seeing a shooting star while doing a Creswell walk of shame:
You’re not alone, man. We’ve all been there. You’re up at 6 a.m. because your one-night-stand’s significant other is on their way over, aka time for you to make your Irish exit. It is on that walk home (after one of your heels break) that you look up. When you look up, you see a bright, shooting star. It is then that you realize you don’t have to be a side ho, you can be a main. But, the likelihood of that is slim to none, considering your head is down for the majority of that walk.

3.) Not getting food poisoning from some dining hall stir fry:
When you make the conscious decision to eat at a UGA Dining Hall (the Niche excluded), you are making a deal with the devil. Sometimes the devil can be nice and other times the devil can sentence you to a evening of living hell in the communal bathroom of your choosing. And by living hell, we mean your ass transforming into a geyser of knock off Chinese food before your eyes.

2.) Having a damn hurricane hit Athens:
There are many things that happen in Athens that may seem odd in other places. However, we don’t think anyone expected a college town nowhere near the coast get struck by a damn hurricane. It is more likely that Athens would face a tsunami of cheap tequila and tears which would not lead to any class cancellations but would stress the hell out of your TA.

1.) Being arrested for excessive ghosting:
Not many people know that due to millennials being entitled, we managed to get laws passed. Don’t put it past us. We can and will get congress to illegalize ghosting, punishable by death (so you become an actual ghost). It does not differentiate between friends and friends with benefits so do not be surprised when you are served with 50 screenshots of your ghosting habits. Maybe next time, think twice before you decide to leave someone on read for two weeks.

If you are one of those people who managed to get a study room, we hate you. If you use a study room for yourself and nobody else, we hate you. We wish you all the best of luck as the semester comes to a close in getting a study room, but we warned you. Be prepared to do whatever it takes to get one.

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