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UGA Words You’ve Been Saying Wrong


Too many of us fail to respect the UGA vernacular, mispronouncing the names of the people and places that make up our UGA family, which is plain not cool. How would you like it if your own family mispronounced your name? And I mean your whole family for once, not just your aunt’s shitty second husband. Let’s fix that (that is, the UGA part; it’s too late for your aunt’s awful taste in men). Here’s a handful of UGA words you should learn to say right by now.


5). The Niche
Pronunciation: nich, like itch


You can argue as much as you want over how to pronounce the word “niche,” but when it comes to the Health Sciences dining hall, it is undeniably pronounced like “snitch,” minus the “s.” And speaking of snitches, if you catch a classmate skipping class on Friday afternoons for a slice of Niche pizza, you best not rat ‘em out. Remember, snitches with stiches can no longer digest Niche’s dishes.


4). Uga (aka “Que,” current dog and mascot)
Pronunciation: ugg-uhh


It should go without saying, yet a good amount of students still don’t know our mascot’s name, let alone that we even gave a name to “the real dog mascot, not the costume dog mascot” as certain disappointing freshmen might call him. Using the letters of UGA to make a pet name is pretty clever spelling, but it’s pronunciation is just common sense. You wouldn’t name your middle school class iguana “William Henry Harrison Middle School,” you’d probably just name him “Willy.”


3.) Jere Morehead
Pronunciation: jerry, as in Springer, Seinfeld, or Ben &


OK, this mispronunciation is pretty understandable, because who in the hell spells “Jerry” with that few letters? If you’re going to misspell a common name, at least throw a hyphen in there for clarity (side note: “Jer-E” would make a great Wall-E spinoff). “Jere” is a name that definitely takes its letters at face value. With a spelling that conservative, it’s almost like his parents confused a birth certificate with a vanity license plate. As much as The Black Sheep would love to do a “Cheers and Jeers” of President “Jeer” Morehead, we’ll simply have to settle for making fun of his last name.


2). Butts-Mehre Building
Pronunciation: butz-mear


The Butts-Mehre building houses indoor facilities for the football team, but it’s also the spectacular result of the funniest combination of last names ever. The fact that some board of directors at UGA 30 years ago let this happen at all is nothing short of amazing, but then again the 80’s were a crazy time. And no, it’s not pronounced “Butts-Mayor,” but the idea of a talking butt running for public office is funny enough to let it slide. Technically, it’s pronounced “butts” hyphen “mehre,” but shifting that “s” over to “mehre” is some grade school comedy gold.


1). Georgia Tech
Pronunciation: friggin’ nerds

Little known fact: while “Georgia Tech” may look pretty straightforward in writing, it’s actual pronunciation resembles something to that of “friggin’ nerds.” This proper pronunciation may be used in such sentences as, “Man, friggin’ nerds suck,” “I hate friggin’ nerds,” or “Friggin’ nerds think they can beat us at football? Again?”


Now you have the knowledge to speak confidently about all things Georgia, even when finals week will make you not want to.



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