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6 Combinations of People You’d Never Want to See on Your Athens Snapchat Map


If we’re being honest, most people with common sense are on Snapchat ghost mode. Like, why would you want people to be able to see where you are at all times?! It’s creepy, invasive, and way too much power for that guy you met downtown and added on Snapchat but never spoke to again to have. However, we all still check the map now and again just to see what we can find. Imagine how many sights would be absolutely shocking if everyone was visible. After these 6 cringeworthy scenarios, you’ll probably be confident in your decision to be a ghost:


6.) Your best friends at Ramsey without you:



We made a pact to get fit together and you’re just going to go without telling me?! This is shocking and you are all fake. I’ll just be doing crunches on my floor and stealing your expensive organic snacks from the pantry.


5.) DJRX at GA Theatre rooftop and Booty Boys at Hedges:



Everyone knows that DJRX is meant to be at Hedges. There’s just no other combination that will result in the same level of lit-ness. Besides, the Booty Boys just play the Top 40 from their laptop and trick people into getting excited about it with theme nights. If they took over Hedges, the night would be ruined.


4.) The squad you went out with last night at Waffle House without you:



When a squad gets too turnt together, there is an expectation of greasy food at 1 p.m. the next day for those who can get out of bed. Not being invited to said gathering is just insulting. Y’all expect me to make food in my kitchen in this state? Nah, I’ll just starve I guess.


3.) Your ex in the premises of your apartment:



Your ex knows where you live, and knows to stay the heck away. If they’re in the premises are they seeing someone new that lives here? Who is it? Are they standing outside the window pondering if they should throw pebbles, confess their love, and try to win me back? It must be the latter option.


2.) Your drug dealer in Watkinsville doing God knows what:



Obviously, drug dealers get themselves into sketch situations, but what the fuck is in Watkinsville? How does he even know anyone out there? Was going to hit him up but guess he’s just too far away.


1.) Your current crush at Jerzee’s with Kirby Smart and like half the football team:



It’s cool for someone that likes to go out and have a good time, but….and boys WYD??? Shouldn’t you be sleeping? Or training? Or drinking water? We’re counting on you tomorrow! This is a disaster!


We can only hope that these situations will never happen to you, but if they do, you have every right to respond savagely.





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