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6 Things To Do When You Run Into THAT Professor At Creature Comforts

We’ve all had that one professor that screwed us over. Maybe it was the intro to anthropology instructor that wouldn’t round up your 89.4 and didn’t even answer your email begging them to have mercy. There are two things we know for sure: you felt the need to absolutely trash them in their end of semester course evaluation, and you’re inevitably going to run into them at Creature Comforts on an obscure week night while they’re on a date with their spouse. This situation is quite cringe worthy, but we have a guide to prepare you:

Step 1: Pretend you don’t see them even though you do:
It’s important to reestablish the relationship. This person is not your authority figure anymore. They are just another basic Athena lover. Don’t run over to them as if you’re intimidated, just play it cool.

Step 2: Act like you’re mature AF:
They’re bound to notice you at some point, especially if you made a strong impression in class and they know you by name. This is probably their first time seeing you since the incident. They can’t think your life has been affected even though in reality you’re a tortured slave to the plus/minus system. They need to think that you’re a thriving adult of the Athens community. So pinky up, belt buckled, and slow chuckles.

Step 3: Decide if approaching them is worth it:
Here’s the thing about professors, once they’ve entered your final grade, they don’t give two shits about your feelings. They actually never cared about your feelings they just care even less now. But they know what they’ve done. And this could be your only shot to stick it to them. In person that is. Was the brutal course evaluation enough for you? Or do you think marching over there and giving them a piece of your tipsy mind would be worth it?

Step 4: Finish your beer:
You’ll need all of the liquid courage you can get. Plus you should take some time to gather your thoughts and form a cohesive argument. You can’t just repeat everything you wrote in the eval, you have to really leave them speechless. You have to make them feel guilty.

Step 5: Approach the professor:
Of course it’s worth it! Like we said, they’re not your authority figure anymore and they’re not in charge of your grades anymore. What’s the worst that could happen? They un-connect with you on Linkedin? Walk over to your ex-professor and their spouse, interrupt their conversation, and tell them why they suck!

Step 6: Order another beer and rejoice with friends over sweet, sweet revenge:
If you followed our instructions, you obviously powned your ex-professor. They now know it was definitely you who trashed them in the course eval and that gives you immense satisfaction. Keep drinking and ignore the daggers that are now staring at you from across the room.

Everyone that lives in Athens loves to hit up the breweries, including your professors. You’re bound to run into them at some point. It’s not fun seeing the ones who screwed you over in the past, but you can utilize the awkward tension to your advantage. Don’t even bother pretending you didn’t write them a shit evaluation. Own it!

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