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7 ‘I Don’t Take Normal Graduation Photos’ At UGA

Tis the season! Yep, what’s on your Instafeed right now? That’s right, all the graduation pics you never wanted to see. However, for your viewing pleasure, many people got creative with their graduation pics with the new trend: “I Don’t Take Normal Graduation Photos.” The Black Sheep went around campus and came up with our own version of these abnormal graduation pics, for the culture.

7.) Any Eno Trees:

People and Enos are a permanent fixture in the UGA-sphere and will probably be there long after you graduate. Since they are just as famous as the Arch, we are surprised this photo is not featured in the tour brochures given to high schoolers and their parents.

6.) MLC:

UGA students spend 53% of their student life span in the MLC, in fact many people end up being buried here. In many ways it is an underlooked photo spot that people should take more advantage of. We recommend it so that you can always look back at some of the trauma you endured.

5.) North Campus:

Everyone can agree that North campus is the most picturesque parts of UGA’s campus. It is one of the most highlighted parts of the campus tour. When the day is a nice one, it becomes a sea of Birkenstocks, service dogs, and picnics. If you want a pretty campus spot but also crave people taking their very zen photo, drinking coffee and pretending to read outside, then, boy, is this the spot for you.

4.) Brooks Courtyard:

Not many people know about this campus spot, but it has potential to highlight how unique you are. Many graduation photos are annoying, but not this spot! The Brooks Courtyard will elevate your levels of extraness, exponentially. It is definitely not a normal graduation picture, mostly because no one knows where the hell it is and you will probably get lost.

3.) Tate:

We all have a love-hate relationship with Tate. It has seen us at some of our best moments and has seen as at some our worst (like that time Athena decided to put on your fifth waitlist and not give a graduation requirement). It is overlooked, but one you will want to have this one in that scrapbook you never look at.

2.) Main Library:

This is not the most photogenic spot on this list, but we suggest you take a chance on it. It may not have the same impact of the Arch, but it does show off something different. It takes a special person to pull this off, but if and when you do, we’re sure it’ll pay off. At the very least you will have people turning heads, wondering who the hell you are.

1.) Fountain:

Everyone wants to take a photo of the fountain, but there are many ways to show that you do not take normal photos at this iconic spot. You do not want to just photograph you, your cap, and gown. That’s fucking boring and doesn’t show off who you are as a unique 811. To make it abnormal, you gotta throw something in that no one would be expecting but makes senses, like an umbrella… duh.

We only want to enhance your graduation pictures and make sure that you stand out in the best way possible. It would be a travesty for you to have a normal graduation picture after all.

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