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An Aggressive Letter to Mama’s Boy From A Graduating UGA Senior


Dear Mama’s Boy,


I would like to thank you for answering the prayers of all UGA students at the absolute worst time possible. I mean, this new location is like a dream come true, but my whole graduating class won’t even get to enjoy it.


For four whole years, we waited 2 hours every Sunday morning just to get seated inside of you. Then, we’d wait even longer for those luscious, heavenly biscuits. However, we were happy to do it. The atmosphere is cozy, the meal is delicious every time, and I get to sip on Jit Joes coffee. It always felt worth it… until now.


Now that I know the 2nd restaurant dream is a reality, I’m infuriated that I won’t be here to experience it. I’ve lived in five points since sophomore year, and it would have been just too perfect.


You could have gotten this 2nd location in motion sooner, but no, you just had to wait until the class of 2017 wouldn’t be in Athens anymore. I’m going to be honest, your food may be the best damn hangover cure this town has ever had, but I feel personally victimized. I am not only resentful of Mama’s Boy now, but I feel cheated, sad, and angry.


I guess there’s nothing you can do about it now, but my hope for the future is that you never have to disappoint such a large group of people ever again. Especially a group of customers that has always been so loyal to your business.


When I do return to Athens after graduation some day, I expect a free meal at the new location. I also expect it to be even better than the original, so that it’s at least worth all of this heartache.


Sally Señor



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