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Incredible: Austin Peay Spent The $500,000 It Got From Playing UGA On Therapy To Deal With A 45-0 Shutout

Other than receiving a thorough spanking in the Austin Peay vs Georgia game last weekend, the Governors also received $500,000 for their troubles, which was reportedly all spent on therapy for all of its players who went under intense psychological damage from being shutout 45-0. 

Reporters at The Black Sheep went to Austin Peay a week after the carnage to find out what exactly happened to the money, and found out that Austin Peay’s head coach, Will Healy, and his team made the decision to cut out practice altogether and instead attend group therapy sessions where they try to work through where it all went wrong.

As a result of some variant of PTSD, they chose to hire therapist Kevin Yarbrough, a self-professed Bulldog fan, who hurls abuse at them during sessions.

According to Yarboughour, the daily routine revolves around him telling them they’re “shitty human beings” and that their “mothers are disappointed” as they nod their heads resignedly.

Will Hurley told reporters, “UGA became our daddy in that game. UGA’s our daddy now. I can’t even look at myself in the mirror anymore. I cry myself to sleep most nights now.”

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