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The Best UGA April Fools Pranks to Pull This Year

April Fools is a sacred time of year where it’s socially acceptable to be a complete asshole. Take full advantage of this holiday on campus by going all out this year. If you’re drawing a blank on how to piss people off, here’s a short list compiled by our think tank.

7.) Call your parents and tell them you’re now an art major:
Shake things up this year and instead of telling your parents you couldn’t afford plan B, and now you’re being sued for child support (again); tell them you decided to follow you dream of becoming a ceramist!

6.) Tell your friends that you’re transferring to Alabama:
This one might cause some controversy so for liability purposes we are going to go ahead and state that we are not responsible for any bodily harm caused to you. Make sure you let your friends know that you’ll always be loyal to the dawg nation afterwards by perhaps getting a “Kirby Smart is my daddy” or “Saban smokes mids” tramp stamp at Pain and Wonder.

5.) Order 100+ CFA sandwiches at Tate:
If you want to see the world burn, this is the perfect prank for you. For best results, place your order during the noon lunch rush and watch workers and customers alike lose their shit.

4.) Go to the 100 Proof rooftop and ask dudes to name 3 brothers:
C’mon, dude. If you don’t know Chad, Brad or Brock, you gotta go. That’s just the way it is. If they ask what frat it’s for tell ‘em it’s for the newly established chapter of Alpha Chi Tea.

3.) Leave a ticket on the parking services cars:
GET GOT PARKING SERVICES. Fuck all ya’ll thieving fiends. We also aren’t suggesting you slash their tires since that’s vandalism, BUT we also aren’t saying that that would be a terrible idea.

2.) Send a virus to your 100+ person GroupMe:
As long as you say, “it’s just a prank, bro” there should be no fatal repercussions.

1.) Hijack an Orbit:
Bump those 5 minute protocol breaks. We are the captain now and the captain says we’re getting to class early today. Once the driver gets off, it’s jug season. Skert skert, bitch.

It’s now or never, boys. Get out there and make Jere Morehead proud to be the President of the University of Georgia.

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