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The Black Sheep Scores Exclusive Interview With Waka Flocka’s Ass Following Georgia Theater Concert


If you just so happen to be living under a rock and you didn’t hear about Waka Flocka’s raunchy, and highly unsanitary MLK Day performance, let us fill you in right quick. Flocka, whose Monday night appearance at the Georgia Theater was highly anticipated by the Greek community at large and that one guy on your dorm floor who is always trying to hand you a mixtape alike, apparently wiped his ass with the chosen attire of a fray guy in attendance. The gentleman in question, a Mr. Kyle Weber of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, apparently donned a jersey that read Donald Trump’s name to the concert. When asked by Flocka to toss the jersey onstage, Mr. Weber obliged, only to watch as Flocka proceeded to, that’s right, wipe his own ass on it before throwing it to the floor. It was difficult, but amidst the horror (read: delight) and confusion that has since ensued, we managed to score an exclusive interview with the real star of Monday night’s debacle, Waka Flocka’s ass.


TBS: Wow, it’s an honor to finally meet you. Thanks for being so gracious as to grant us this interview. We know how sought after you’ve been by other Athens media since the incident.  


Flocka’s Ass: You know, I do what I can. I believe in transparency in these kinds of situations.


TBS: ~awestruck~ you are so humble. Well, I have to ask, what was your level of involvement in the incident? Like, were you expecting to come in contact with a Donald Trump basketball jersey?


Flocka’s Ass: Well you know, I gotta say, this one just kinda happened. Normally Flocka and I have an understanding about when I’ll be exposed in front of a crowd of blazed collegiate gentry, but he just kinda took the reins on this one. I was just along for the ride.


TBS: Wow. That must’ve been nerve wracking. Just having to be ready for an onstage appearance on the fly like that?


Flocka’s Ass: Oh yeah, well Flocka’s honestly put me through worse. A life of tour busses and roadside T-Bell doesn’t exactly lend itself to great ass-parent relations. But what was worse was that jersey. Of all the things, he puts me in (ass) to face contact with the cheap, polyester propaganda of the PEOTUS. I mean, it was probably made in China!


TBS: Right, well. Polyester and job security aside, do you think it was right of Flocka to desecrate that guy’s shirt like that?


Flocka’s Ass: Honestly? Who cares? I’m sure worst things have happened to that kid than the newfound ability to sell something with Flocka’s DNA on it on e-bay to some crazy-ass super fan, and besides, a Trump jersey at a Flocka concert? Seriously?


TBS: Oh, truuuu.


Well there you have it, Dawgs. An MLK concert to remember and the accompanying exclusive interview to tell all your friends about. Here’s to an MLK weekend that definitely required No Hands.


Are you wishing you changed your mind about location yet?


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