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Clayton Street Bar Hires GDI Bartender for First Time in UGA History

A typical bartending interview on Clayton Street consists of questions such as “who do you hang out with?” “do you own at least ten low cut tops?” and “are you willing to harass people on social media until they come in and buy drinks from you?

Sorority and fraternity members are most likely to succeed during these interviews and the greek scene therefore dominates this bar strip.

If your female bartender doesn’t have a front row audience of sorority sisters, you’re most likely on the other side of downtown. If your male bartender isn’t wearing a formal t-shirt and khaki shorts, you’re definitely on the other side of downtown.

However, for the first time in UGA’s history, a geed bartender was hired on Clayton Street last Monday night. That’s right, Whiskey Bent Athens hired a goddamn independent bartender.

Before you get too excited about the potential of downtown employment opportunities, if you’re in the majority of non-Greek students, we have reason to believe that Whiskey’s owner was unaware of the new bartender’s GDI status.

The new hire, Sarah, a 3rd year Terry major, said, “During my interview, I talked about all of the fraternities that I hang out with. It’s true, I do have a lot of friends in greek life. Whiskey had no further questions for me after that, but I could tell they were under the impression I was Greek as well.”

Sarah has now worked two shifts and managed to bring a lit crowd into Whiskey.

“I feel proud to be the first GDI bartender on Clayton Street, I hope this serves as a lesson that not all bartenders need to be Greek in order to get people to come in and drink”, Sarah said.

With socials taking place on Clayton Street every Thursday night, the most important quality for bartenders to have is patience. Also, the courage to kick out freshmen patrons who are throwing up on themselves.

In the spirit of equality, any bartending applicant who meets these general requirements should have the opportunity to work in these bars, just like Sarah.



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