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The 5 Worst Places To Study On UGA’s Campus



When it comes to good places to study at UGA, your options are quite limitless. With coffee shops, study rooms, and dorm room futons galore, it actually becomes harder to think of places that wouldn’t be so good for studying. But no need to fear, we’ve made this list of downright terrible places to study just for you!


5.) The First Floor Women’s Bathroom in Park Hall:




We don’t know why this bathroom has a four-by-six-foot foyer to it, but it does, and it’s complete with a couch and a desk. Because who doesn’t like to study in extremely close proximity to flushing toilets and in even closer proximity to the inevitable ten-person line that occurs in Park Hall during every single class change! It’s got the aura, that’s for sure. And by aura we mean the snobby coffee-pee smell of a hundred English majors.


4.) The Outdoor MLC Staircase:



Not only is this staircase the busiest staircase on campus, it’s also the narrowest. So if you decide to drop your stuff and get down to study business on this staircase, there’s a 99% chance you’ll get piping hot Jittery Joe’s coffee spilled on you, or just get so many dirty looks that you’ll wish for the coffee instead.


3.) The Red, Felt Seat of a Busy UGA Transit Bus:



Orbit, Milledge, East-West, you name it. If it’s busy, it’ll be awful. It’ll be stinking with the body odor of your peers. You’ll have elbows in your face, no room to spread out, and no desk space other than your lap, but if you’re lucky, the nice person sitting next to you might just hold that book open for you so you can more easily make that Quizlet.


2.) The Dead Center of the Bolton Crosswalk:



If you chose to study here, not only would you have to dodge oncoming traffic, both of the pedestrian and automotive sort, you’d also have to listen to the intolerable “walk sign is on for all crossings” of the mechanized crosswalk man voice at least half a million times, give or take depending on what Bolton cookies are being served on the day you chose to try and defy death.


1.) A Sorority Philanthropy Event:



Trying to study amidst really strained small talk and acoustic covers of Journey would be hard in and of itself. Trying to study amidst wafted food smells AND strained small talk and acoustic covers of Journey is just an impossibility. When there’s Agua Linda, Your Pie, Cinnaholic, AND Insomnia cookies involved, there’s no way that any studying would ever get done.


We hope these absolutely terrible study locations have opened your minds to the realization that UGA isn’t all good study places. Also, The Black Sheep cannot be held responsible for any injuries that might incur due to attempting to study in these places. That’s all for now.




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