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How to Eat For Under $3 in Athens, GA


Whether you like it or not, most college kids are broke as shit and us UGA kids are no exception. Once in a while, we get lucky and find a couple loose dollars to toss around at Toppers, but most of the time we’re just struggling to keep our bank accounts from going under. This is a problem because with hangovers, drunk munchies, and stress from school/work/bf/gf, comes an undying need to grub. So next time you scrape together some bills, try utilizing them to their full potential. Here is how to grub on a $3 budget at UGA.


5.) Bar South Popcorn:
We know that you know the bar popcorn is free, but don’t be an asshole and just gluttonously devour popcorn to your heart’s delight. Instead, go in during happy hour, grab a nice cold IPA (since that’s basically a drinkable meal), tip your bartender accordingly, and then gorge yourself with that bar popcorn like the shameless bum you are. Plus, bar popcorn is basically a vegetable since it’s ‘corn’, so you can get a head start on that high fiber diet you were always wanting to try. Be bold and bring a bucket next time you’re out.


4.) Lay-Z Shopper Ramen Noodles:
Do you know how many packs of ramen noodles $3 can get you; like 12? Basically you’re eating for a week with $3. We know that everyone is sick and tired of ramen noodles, but throw some hot sauce in that bitch or better yet, sneak around to the various Asian establishments and finesse your way into getting some condiments to sauce up those bland noodles with. The best part is, you don’t have to drive twenty minutes to an actual grocery store to get your noodle on, just walk across the street to Athens favorite little convenience store, and if you have the money, grab a Lay-Z Shopper sandwich; it pairs perfectly with a bowl of ramen.


3.) Hot Dog Guy:
This dude is arguably the most influential person to grace Athens. The hotdog guy literally caters to thousands of drunken, hungry students/professors/locals on a weekly basis. Although his work is more prominent during football season, his hotdogs are still enjoyed throughout the year. The hotdog stand is portable and is usually set up at the corner of College Ave. and Clayton Street or College Ave. and Broad Street by the Five Guys. Besides your bed, the hotdog stand is probably the thing we get most excited about seeing after a night out in beautiful downtown Athens.


2.) Zombie Donuts:
Everyone could go for a quick ‘pick me up’ in the morning. With Zombie Coffee and Donuts, there’s a way to happiness on a budget. Grab yourself two donuts with coatings and toppings for about $3 before your 8 a.m. and you’re sure to enter class with a smile on your face; that is until the guide dog guilt trips you into sharing. Also, if you’re not a morning person, you can grab yourself some late-night donuts, as they stay open until 2 a.m. Thursday through Saturday.


1.) Barberitos Chip Meal:
This meal is more of an extreme appetizer of sorts. Next time you don’t have the funds for a burrito, grab a cup of queso and chips. Upon doing so, you gain access to a variety of salsa’s that are seemingly unlimited. It is definitely a sneaky way to fill up on chips, but hey, we’re broke and it’s only $3 for some queso. Of course once you run out of chips, you’ll need a refill, which can take shots at your self-esteem being known as the person that eats multiple bags of tortilla chips at Barbs.


Clearly, $3 can take you a long way in Athens. Of course, there is some finessing involved in eating on a budget, but that’s just a part of being a college student in Athens. Next time you’re contemplating what to eat with what little money you have, think outside the box and do so shamelessly.


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