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Funniest Sh*t We Saw at Harry Potter Weekend in Athens


Getting to experience the wizarding world is a dream of all Harry Potter fans. Well, this past weekend in Athens, that dream could be yours for $27 with taxes. The Harry Potter pub crawl on Saturday night was a chance to rep your house while getting drunk off of butter beer. Naturally, we saw some pretty weird shit go down, and had to document the night. Here are 11 funny things we spotted:


11.) A journal that costs so much it better do the homework itself:


I mean, really, for that price the journal better have magical powers.


10.) A checklist that required selfies with the workers:


If you got enough points, they gave you a letter of attendance. We didn’t get enough points so we’re just left with this selfie and the memories.


9.) A Snape-Hagrid hybrid:



If the two had offspring, he’d be the result.


8.) A convincing Cedric and Cho:


Please say they won the costume contest!!!


7.) Even more convincing Prisoners of Azkaban:



Okay, they had to have won the costume contest though, right?


6.) A wizard on a Mission:



Is he trying to save Hogwarts or withdraw cash from Wells Fargo? We’ll never know.


5.) A spirited Hufflepuff:



The rainboots, the hair, if that’s not house spirit, not sure what is.


4.) A bored Gryffindor bartender:



He needs more action in his life! Can Voldemort make an epic return or something?


3.) The opportunity to be your own Chocolate Frog characters:



Such an Insta worthy opportunity!


2.) A wizard that just needed a smoke break between Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts:



“Y’all, all these potions assignments got me so stressed out”



1.) Wizard unable to fit wand in smol hands:




He tried, but alas, no such luck. He must be meant to live amongst the muggles.


The next time a bar crawl comes to Athens, don’t register, just show up to the decked out wizard bars and do some people watching. We’re telling you, the wizarding world is way more fascinating than the muggle world. There was an insane amount of butter beer drinking, potion brewing, and mischievous canoodling.




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