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Georgia Sorority Girls Risk Frost Bite to Still Wear Mini Skirts DT

Last week was one of the coldest we’ve seen in Athens. It was so cold that you could actually drive through downtown at midnight without a flock of drunk freshmen crossing in front of your car on Broad Street. Many people were reluctant to step foot outside.

However, there’s always going to be those raspy-voiced sorority girls with too much eyeliner and too many chokers determined to blow dad’s money at the bars at least 4 nights a week. That type of determination is honestly super respectable. The question remains why their outfits don’t change when the weather does.

Do they even notice when it gets colder? Are they built differently than the rest of us? Are they aware that they can still impress pathetic frat dudes who threw on a hoodie from the comfort of jeans and a sweater?

It’s unclear why these girls can still be spotted walking from The Standard towards Downtown Athens wearing only mini skirts and thin shirts during the coldest time of the year.

What we do know is this issue should be taken very seriously. Sophomore Molly Jones, Psychology major, went out on Thursday, January 4th when temperatures in Athens hit a freezing 19 degrees.
She is now dealing with frostbite, caused from keeping her legs exposed in the extreme cold, and a nasty cold to top it off. “I always wear that exact same type of outfit downtown and nothing like this has ever happened before”, Jones said.

We went ahead and asked the UGA Health Center about the recurring frequency of frostbite cases. Martha Peters, nurse in the general clinic, says, “It’s really not that common. Most students that were smart enough to get into this school are smart enough to put on a sweater when it’s cold out. Every year we do see those few girls who thought they could get away with dressing like Britney in her prime.”

Although the weather is starting to warm up, don’t get complacent. Think of poor Molly before you decide what you’re going to wear out next time.

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