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We Hacked Hairy Dog’s Phone and Found His Tinder Messages


That borderline shameful app you have tucked away in your phone has caused some major controversy for you or someone you know, hopefully not your parents though. Surely, not all Tinder users are just looking for that casual hookup, but in reality, that’s what’s on the majority’s mind. Anyway, we recently discovered UGA’s Hairy Dog has made a Tinder profile and looks to utilize his dog-like obedience and charm to woo the ladies; here’s what we discovered upon further investigation.





Clearly, Hairy Dog can come off kinda strong and aggressive with his borking. In his defense, he is the school mascot…and he’s a dog, so it’s to be expected. Hopefully, Hairy Dog can tone it down for his next match.





At least Hairy Dog was approached first for this conversation (if you want to call it that). The problem with this one is that Hairy Dog wasn’t slick, at all. He tried just a little too hard and added that cringe worthy pet name.





Apparently, Hairy Dog has no time for corny meme references. Unfortunately, this means Jennifer struck out on what could have been a perfect match. Don’t worry though; Hairy Dog still has other matches to chat up on this magical journey that is Tinder.





Hairy Dog finally scores on an initial text, but it was short-lived. He was doing well until Randi inevitably found out he is indeed an actual dog. Honestly, Randi seems kinda rude, so better he gets rejected like an American Idol contestant.





Worst-case scenario for Hairy Dog is to be accused of being a perv, but Kaley was pretty excessive with those emojis, which can be misleading. Plus, she insisted they meet at perhaps the most sexual place on UGA’s campus. Despite the setback, Hairy Dog pulled though with a respectful response to his accuser.


Overall, Hairy Dog’s Tinder experience could have been worse. He probably was able to match with so many people as a dog since everyone is still sad and desperate after Valentine’s Day. Although he got the attention of some ladies, it just never clicked for Hairy Dog. Maybe he would have better luck strolling through North Campus and hitting on the guide dogs.


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