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To-Do List For When You Filled Your Bubba Keg With Rosé At UGA


We all know the spring semester at UGA can really drag. With the sporadic Georgia weather, lack of UGA football, and a new Dict- uh…President of the free world, campus looks more like a scene from The Walking Dead rather than the lovely University we have come to know and love. With that being said, The Black Sheep has come up with a common remedy; fill up your Bubba Keg, Yeti cup, or simple water bottle with your favorite spirits and follow our lead. Here are some of the most adventurous things to do while day drinking on campus.


5.) Make Herty Your Home:
Herty field is the perfect spot to chill and pregame. There are shady benches as well as a nice pasture to bask in the glory of the sun, since, you know, it’s been unseasonably warm this January. Along with that, there is Herty fountain itself, which provides for a nice waterfront view while you chug your Rosé like the degenerate you are. Spice things up and go for a quick dip in the refreshing fountain before your Spanish class in the old dungeon that is Gilbert Hall; your classmates may not appreciate your wet dog smell, but at least you still have half a Bubba Keg of drank left.


4.) North Campus Tree Climbing: 
Rekindle your childhood passion for tree climbing on North Campus. Now that your confidence has been boosted by day drinking, you can climb and conquer those swaying beauties and relinquish your inner Tarzan. If you’re feeling extra ballsy, set up your Eno at the top and begin your life as the North Campus tree hermit; just bring a pillow and blanket for when your drunk ass needs a power nap once you inevitably get tuckered out.


3.) Baldwin Street/ Sanford Drive Intersection:
“If you can dodge traffic, you can dodge a ball.” The everyday occurrence that is crossing the Baldwin/ Sanford intersection can be much more fun when tipsy. The bobbing and weaving between the Orbit and Milledge busses can make for a dangerously addictive thrill-ride. What was once a mundane activity of crossing the street is now a real life version of Frogger. Beware though; sometimes the foot traffic is too heavy for all of the bus-dodging maneuvers to be executed.


2.) Feel The Love From Abraham Baldwin:
Many of us get caught up in the feels when we’ve had a lil too much to drink. When bae won’t hit you with a text back, Abraham Baldwin is there for you. Although Abe isn’t currently alive, his cold, lifeless statue on North Campus can provide all the love you need. A good way to capture his love is to climb up on those sturdy shoulders and pose for the ‘gram. Since Abraham Baldwin is a statue, you can get away with a little foreplay, but try not to get too weird with it; he does not take kindly to sexual harassment.


1.) Get Between the Hedges:
This is perhaps the boldest thing to do whilst day drinking around campus. Being drunk makes sneaking around that much harder, especially with students and professors alike wondering through campus, but the payoff is well worth it. A feat this impressive is worth mentioning on your résumé for future job inquiries; it shows persistence, a strong will, and passion, which are all aspects of the champion you are. Plus, it makes for another sweet photo op.


All in all, day drinking on campus can be quite perilous, but totally worth it. Between dodging busses, tree climbing, and sexually harassing statues, there’s something for every day drinker out there. Just remember, try to be courteous of others and try to drink responsibly; getting hit by a bus is a bad look for everyone at UGA.


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