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What Not to Send in Your UGA Lecture Class GroupMe’s

A lecture GroupMe can be like getting invited to a random party: a possible rager you won’t regret or a sad orgy ending with you awkwardly leaving and blocking everyone involved. If you are at all confused about if what you were sending classifies at annoying, you’re gonna want to read these helpful hints of what to veer away from.

6.) Low-key bragging about a “chill” internship:

Okay question one, does the UN have internships for only a few weeks? If you’re so qualified to lead the free world and the unfree world (??), then why the hell are you in my accelerated elementary Spanish class?? Go back to saving the world and leave me to my simple verb conjugations.

5.) Asking dumb questions:

C’mon, dude. We ain’t your damn mothers. This 300+ person GroupMe is not gonna give you a color-coded study plan with the perfect time to study in between 12 hours of sleep, 3(ish) nights out per week, and when to pee. This is college. Grow up and learn to study for yourself.

4.) Plugging a lame headliner at your frat’s spring party:

Really? You want your good friends from accounting to “Crank That” with you? And you included your professor? This is just sad.

3.) Complaining:

Wait… bro. Do you smoke?????? WEED? If you didn’t have many friends before this message, your DM’s boutta be flooded with potentialsmoke buddies. You are a god now. Good thing you complained about your assignment’s due date!

2.) Asking if attendance was taken:

You already skipped the class, so what will asking about attendance really do for you? While we all applaud the savage, sarcastic comments, do us a favor and shut the fuck up.

1.) Sending bad memes/jokes:


We hope this list will help you improve your GroupMe etiquette. If you choose to ignore this list, then we hope that you don’t mind if we ignore you from any and all future GroupMes UGA has to offer. This has been a public service announcement from The Black Sheep UGA.

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