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Semester Songs: UGA Fall 2015 Edition

The time has come to trade out your suntanned skin and beach ballads for Park Hall fluorescents and noise-canceling headphones. But whether you’re silently grooving in the MLC, jamming in the car on a midnight Walmart run, or going hard on a table top at Whiskey Bent, you’re definitely going to have these songs on repeat all semester (or until your mom starts singing them, too).


Pop: Drag Me Down by One Direction

A good boy band is as timeless as Uga himself, and 1D is no exception. This song is a great way to pump up your pregame, because nobody can drag you down. Except your GPA.


Alt-Rock: My Type by Saint Motel

You also have very specific tastes, at least until you’ve hammered a few cranberry vodkas. But don’t worry, with any luck you’ll only appear on UGA Makeouts once or twice this weekend. This song will also be helpful as you try to meet new people, because anytime you play it a flock of hipsters will descend, saying they heard it 3 months ago.


R&B: Again by Fetty Wap

Let’s be honest, you have no idea what the hell the words are to any rap song on your playlist. You’re just looking for something to drown out the voice inside your head telling you to study for your o-chem test tomorrow.


Country: Drinkin Town With A Football Problem by Billy Currington

The title could be “Athens, Georgia” and the meaning of this song wouldn’t change. Of course it contains the elements every authentic country song needs: a Southern accent, patriotism, and booze. So whether you’re tailgating on Milledge or on your way to ring the chapel bell, this song is the perfect anthem for Saturdays in Athens.




Music is an industry filled with diversity and creativity, just like UGA. But no matter what you’ve filled your fall playlist with, you’re hunkered down in an MLC study room just like the rest of us. So turn up one of these tunes and start jamming, cause we haven’t even hit midterm yet.


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