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Study Abroad Students Slowly Realizing They’re Not in Athens, Greece


Nearly a month into the summer, study abroad students who travelled to Athens for a summer of hummus and stairs are starting to realize that they might not actually be in Greece. The foreigners were not initially confused by the extreme humidity or the considerably short flight, but have become increasingly suspicious after the strong aura of inauthentic democracy.


“When you go to any European country, you just know there is going to be a language barrier. I asked about the Trojan Horse, and these Athenians directed me to this stupid field with a freaking sculpture of a iron horse. That’s when I knew this was going to be harder than any other country I’ve traveled to,” stated Kay Williams, rising Junior at UVa.


While the foreign exchange students were not deterred by the confusion they initially encountered, Athens locals are demanding answers as to why there is an influx in tourists asking for directions to the Acropolis and Parthenon.


“I didn’t know what to think, but I’ve lived in Athens for over 45 years. Drunk, high, and stupid kids are going to ask you some strange things,” says Athens native Gary Robinson. “In all honesty, I had to google what and where the Acropolis was. I figured it was one of them hipster bars on Prince Street.”


Though some people are growing frustrated, the Greek food industry in Athens hopes this slight mix-up doesn’t end anytime soon. The owner of Gyro Wrap claims, “Business has never been better. I got pictures of Greece off Google, blew them up, put them in the windows for a real, authentic experience. I hope these idiots never figure out where the hell they are.”


However, visitors are starting to catch on. “I run a highly successful foodstagram, and so far all I’ve eaten is subpar falafel,” said self-proclaimed foodie Franklin West. “Not to mention, the less than satisfactory aesthetic of the plating.” West summed up feelings as “hella pissed.”


While some students are realizing the reality of the situation, others believe pictures may, in fact, do Athens, Greece “too much justice.”



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