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The 2017 UGA Drunk Food Bracket Champion: Waffle House


WaHo has done it. After weeks of voting the powerhouse of the south has proved to be the official champion of drunk food in Athens.


The road to victory was not an easy one. With all of the local restaurants in Athens, it was anyone’s ballgame. In the first round, Waffle House bested Five Guys in a battle of the chain restaurants. Round 2 proved to be no easier with a matchup against the underdog, Little Italy. Clearly, people prefer the 24/7 breakfast to that late-night slice. The grand finale saw Waffle House take down Taco Stand with ease by a whopping 87 votes. Apparently, drunk people really like breakfast food, but it’s the south, so a staple like Waffle House winning is about as predictable as it getas.

Although Waffle House had a tough road to reach the finals, the fans are the ones who suffered the most by forcing themselves to make the impossible, gut-wrenching decision on what drunk food establishment is best in Athens. Of course, there’s nothing quite like that 3 a.m. All-Star meal after a night of excessive drinking.


Waffle House is now officially dubbed “Best Drunk Food in Athens” and will receive an award from The Black Sheep.


Thank you to all that voted over the past few weeks!



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