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The 2017 University of Georgia Drunk Food Bracket: Final Round



You guys voted (or didn’t because you’re a robot and don’t eat food) and we’ve tallied it all up. The results were freakishly close with Waffle House beating out Little Italy by a mere 12 votes in the Treat Yo-Self Division and Taco Stand overcoming Insomnia by 18 votes to win the Budget Yo-Self division.


It’s been a long and turbulent tournament filled with heartbreak and heartburn, but we’re finally down to the last round. The tone is set for a dramatic finale with Waffle House, King of the South, to face off against the ultimate underdog, Taco Stand and only you can decide their fates by voting one last time.


Will you choose the crowd favorite, Waffle House, the monster chain restaurant that is available for you to have an All-Star meal 24/7 365 days a year or perhaps you want to see David take down Goliath with Taco Stand, the bar/taqueria, against all odds taking the W?


So what will it be? The renowned grease pit or late night tacos and queso? Every vote counts; you learned that the hard way this past election. 




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The 2017 University of Georgia Drunk Food Bracket: Final Round %%personality%%




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