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5 New UGA Clubs to Start at UGA This Semester


New semesters are all about new experiences. New classes, new professors, and new payment activity posted to your Athena account. But with all these new opportunities, why stay in the same boring clubs? Let’s face it, the once a month you go to a Relay for Life meeting isn’t exactly what Unicef would qualify as a “humanitarian effort.” If you haven’t cured cancer at this point, I don’t think cold-Venmo-requesting your friends is going to do it. That’s why we suggest you branch out and create your own UGA student organization. Here’s a list of some potential clubs to get the ball rolling on this semester.


5.) Morehead Fan Club:
 If you see things like we do, you can sum up UGA President Morehead in two words: absolute dreamboat! In this club, you and fellow Morehead-heads can giggle and ogle all you want over the cuh-oolest university President since James Dean was named “Dean for a Day, James Dean for a Life” at UC Santa Cruz. Meetings include building a shrine and drawing hearts around his photo in your yearbook.


4.) Women ONLY Sushi Rolling Club:
Because just when you thought there were no more interests that needed to challenge the dominating white, male overlords of our society, think again! For too long, sushi rolling has been a male-only institution. The sushi rollers at O House? Men. Not even Japanese, either! Ridiculous! This club that nobody asked for will change all of that! Enjoy feminism, nose rings, feminism, deadpan-faced people saying the phrase, “I’m a feminist and I know that scares a lot of people” with terrifying conviction, and maybe some decent sushi. Did we mention feminism?


3.) Corey in the Park Club:
 A great club for theatre majors in the off season. Just like Shakespeare in the Park, except they only perform episodes from Disney Channel’s That’s So Raven spinoff Corey in the House. Shakespeare in the House would work as well, but even that might be too obscure a production for the Fine Arts’ Cellar Theatre.


2.) Maybe I’ll Try to be a Journalist (but, like, IDK??) Club:
This is the one where you talk about how you’ve always seen yourself as a good writer, but just never really gave it a shot, ya know? Like, you’re sure you’d be really good at it if you did it, and everyone in your sorority loved that one blogpost you wrote on your love/hate relationship with Bolton: An Ode to General Tso’s Chicken, so like, why not? In this club, you show up to one Red & Black staff meeting with a lot of enthusiasm and then never come back again.


1.) Drawing Dicks on Things Club:
The perfect club for the starving artist, the narrow-minded creative, or the inner 12-year-old inside all of us. Meetings could take place at practically any campus spot with a surface suitable for dick drawing. From desks in the dorms of Creswell to MLC bathroom stalls, but most likely at the seatbacks of chairs in Tate Theatre.


We hope these new clubs will help make 2017 the newest year yet! Here’s to a great semester!


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