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UGA Cards Against Humanity: The Redder, Blacker Box


Whether a wine night in or a pregame for a big night out, Cards Against Humanity is a fun, yet effective way to weed out friends with a.) no sense of humor, b.) a terrifyingly dark sense of humor that would land them on America’s most wanted after you go missing, or c.) a nerd who doesn’t know how “Tasteful sideboob” could ever be funny. The better a person is at Cards Against Humanity, the better you should become friends with said person. The Black Sheep created Cards Against Humanity: UGA edition to ease the burden of befriended strangers in college. You’re welcome.



___________________: The Best Diet Cleanse at UGA



Winning card: The Grille, a wait so long you’ll forget you’re hungry.

With ample opportunities for over indulgence in this college town turned foodie paradise, Athens nurtures the Freshman 15 to evolve into the 5th year 65. Combat the fat! Say it with me! When you plan to late night, go the locally, world-famous hotspot, The Grille. Even if you just order feta fries, it will undoubtedly take a minimum of three to twelve hours, in which time you’ll forget how hungry you are or PTFO. Either way, it’s a victory in overcoming the freshman 15. 


I blackout on Mondays to forget ____________.



Winning card: “The walk sign is on for all… 12, 11, 10, 9, 8”.

It’s in your nightmares, when you close your eyes, even when you’re nowhere near the Bolton crosswalk you hear it… the “Wait. Wait. Wait.” and the somewhat relieving, “Walk sign is on for all crossings.” The only way to escape this interminable hell is to drink until you don’t remember your own name, let alone anything school related. ‘


What is Kirby Smart’s guilty pleasure?



Winning card: Unwinding in the Russell Hall bathtub. 

It’s gameday: UGA v. Bama. The Dawgs are down by 90. As Smart is booed off the field while simultaneously dodging foam fingers and the tears of Dawg-fans, he looks for a relaxing place where no one would ever imagine stepping foot in: the Russell bathtub. The highrises are abandoned after football games as freshmen evacuate to downtown Athens to numb the pain of the first (of many) disappointing seasons, or party like it’s 1999, since the turn of the century and a Dawg win only happen every hundred years. The Russell bathtub provides the perfect atmosphere to unwind in silence and peace with assurance no one can stone him once inside.



I may be _____________ , but at least, I’m not and never will be “Frat”.



Winning card: A Hogwarts transfer

Frat, synonymous with a privileged, white boy. The stigma is fueled by the Frat species’ penchant toward New Balance sneakers, bar fights, and alcoholism. The hipster and frat cultures that divide Athens use each other for punchlines and witty remarks among like-minded groups.

A transfer Hogwarts student would be exceedingly more welcomed at a hipster gathering over hot tea, 1970s records, and gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan Cinnabuns than a frat star. Do you even Aristotle?

We hope after playing this, you may be a little short on friends. After all, it’s about quality not quantity. You were too good for them, anyway.




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