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The UGA Freshman’s Budget: A Semester In Review



Your first semester of freshman year is finally coming to an end. With finals looming and your bank account taking a hit post Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s no wonder you’re scared shitless to tell your parents how life is going. Fortunately for you big spenders, we at The Black Sheep have created a budget portraying your expenditures for the semester. If anything, you can “plagiarize” the provided pie chart pass it off as some recently released college lifestyle statistic to your parents. Maybe a “well everyone is doing it!” approach will help cushion the blow of your diminished savings account and maybe even fool the ‘rents into extending your allowance to the spring semester.




5.) New UGA Threads: $100:
It’s your first year at Georgia and you’ll be damned if you don’t have at least one article of UGA clothing to wear on game days. Being a naïve freshman, you more than likely bought your new UGA jersey or UGA polo at the bookstore. That’s ok if you’re swimming in the Benjamins, but for those who have “been there, done that” know that you should venture off campus to purchase UGA gear. Keep that in mind next fall, so you can expand your UGA wardrobe accordingly.


4.) Textbooks: $500+++:
Textbooks are about the worst thing you will spend your money on. Sure, they’re good for learning and may save your grade, but really, who wants to drop almost $1000 per semester on a bunch of “required” books? Similarly to UGA apparel, one should look off campus when purchasing/renting textbooks.


3.) Bulldog Café: $50 weekly:
It doesn’t matter what year you are; we all spoil ourselves when we eat at Bulldog Café. Although freshmen have meal plans and can treat themselves at Bolton, there just isn’t anything like eating two Chick-Fil-A sandwiches followed by some chow mein from Panda. Plus, there’s something about the smell of all of the food when you’re walking through Tate Plaza that makes you want to skip class and impregnate yourself with a food baby.


2.) Friendly Neighborhood Street Pharmacist: $20-50 weekly:
This person has helped you overcome stressful weeks whether you needed a little boost to get you through a quick 24-hour study binge or maybe some ganja to unwind during one of the rare, less busy weeks in the semester. Regardless, this person’s services require cash in exchange for goods. It’s probably best you omit this section of your expenditures when talking to your parents.


1.) Football Tickets $60:
The first football season is always the best; that is if you were lucky enough to get tickets. As freshmen, you guys kind of had to suck it up and accept the fact that seniority reigns in this aspect. However, you guys are young and get to experience UGA for three or four more years, so it’s a fair trade off for having to wait on football tickets.


All in all, your financial summary isn’t too terrible. In most cases, your parents will be the ones suffering. Of course, they are those that actually work, so bravo to you sufficient few. It’s been a fun and costly semester and hopefully you taught yourself a bit about finance, so that’s a positive.




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