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Uh Oh: Student Athlete Using Notes App To Apologize Must Mean He Really F**ked Up

The Black Sheep has concluded that the word count on Twitter must have been too dang short for former UGA baseball player Adam Sasser’s lengthy apology for using a racial slur against Justin Fields, so he was forced to use an alternative writing medium: the Notes app on his iPhone. 

Wow, this must be really fucking serious. He must’ve fucked up bad. 

At the game against Tennessee last weekend, UGA baseball player, Adam Sasser, utilized one of the many words a white man just should never say. Now, the university has dismissed Sasser from the team, which prompted him to issue a formal apology the only way apologies are issued anymore: by taking a screenshot of the Notes app and posting it to Twitter.  

In typical white-boy fashion, he vaguely referenced the incident only after his removal from the baseball team, making sure to apologize to just about everyone in Athens except the one person he offended, our Lord and Savior, Justin Fields.

“He used the Notes app, so you know he did something really bad,” said Jamela Johnson, a UGA sophomore. “I think he wanted readers to feel something when they read this literary masterpiece, like how he felt deep sense of remorse for getting kicked off the baseball team. But, not really sure it’s working.” 

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