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Welcome Back to UGA, From President Morehead



Dearest students,


I offer the warmest of welcomes back to UGA after a frigid weekend piled on by the snowstorms that engulfed our campus. I’m happy to say that everyone was kept safe and warm during that trying time. It is important to remain calm and orderly during such instances.


In 2016, we dealt with clowns, student-fighting preachers, and even Tech fans, but you, students of UGA, have proved time and time again that you are ready for anything, except maybe Donald Trump’s golden showers.


I’m ecstatic to see all of the returning students on campus again! Starting classes on a Thursday was a refreshing way to confuse and anger you all and the result spoke for itself. Spring 2017 is going to be a great semester. I’m already planning my Spring Break accordingly as should all of you students who don’t want to be stuck in Athens for a week while we get our tan on.


Along with that, I couldn’t be more excited for G-Day this year. How will we top Ludacris performing at halftime last year? P.S. I freaking love Ludacris. Also, I can’t wait to see our Bulldogs back in action after they beat those TCU Horned Frogs in the Liberty Bowl. Bravo to our football team!


For our freshman, you all survived a fall semester at UGA, congratulations! That is to say you all made it through your first round of finals. Try not to think about all of the finals you’re going to have to take over the next 3-4 years. You also managed to experience what it’s like to be in Athens during Game days with all of the shenanigans that comes with them, so if you can get through that, you’ll be just fine in the future.


To those graduating in May, tough it out! You’re so close to a lifetime of being a Bulldog. With that being said, try to minimize the weekday binge drinking at Boar’s Head. Let’s also keep the procrastination to a minimum level. Even if it’s worked for you for the past five plus years, it’s important to try new things like studying ahead of time or starting assignments in a timely manner, which I know is impossible for some, but I am hopeful. Grind it out and refer to the UGA Health Center if you find yourself in need of moral support.


All in all, I’m ready for another great spring semester here at UGA and I know you all are as well. The students of UGA are a resilient bunch that will overcome 8 a.m. classes, midterms and finals, and those pesky parking tickets (sigh, I got like, 4 last semester myself). Finally, I am having an in-person State of the University Address at the UGA Chapel in a couple weeks. Refer to ArchNews for more information regarding that. Thank you all for making this school excellent!


Yours truly,
President Morehead


P.S. I love you all.





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