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Top 5 Things GV Needs for Final Exam Cram

Grand Valley generally “cares” about its students, and they understand that final exam week is no joke. That must be the reason they provide so many amenities for their biannual Exam Cram event. The stress relief events Grand Valley offers are great, and while they mean well, there are so many other better things that GVSU students could benefit from having on campus.


5.) An open bar in the center of Kirkhof:

Kirkhof is the heart and soul of the Allendale campus. On the daily, students are passing through, studying, grabbing food, and just hanging out. If anything, it’ll just become more crowded and the students will become increasingly stressed out by the hour. To combat this, GV should add an open bar, because what better way is there to procrastinate and make people feel better than by consuming unhealthy amounts of alcohol?


4.) Kittens in Mary Idema Pew:

Every year Grand Valley students are offered the comfort of therapy pups to soothe their worried finals minds. But what about those who prefer cats? Why not try something new… like kittens! No one can say no to kittens. If five kittens were placed in every study room in the library, GVSU students would be provided with the level of comfort and support they need to study hard for their final exams.

3.) Food trucks in Lot D:

Campus dining food sucks. The end. That’s why, for the week of finals, we suggest GV offer food trucks to its students. After a whole semester of eating semi-edible food at Fresh or whatever they could steal from the Lobby Shop, GV students will be able to rebuild their taste buds. At least something positive comes out of finals week.


2.) 24-hour coffee delivery all over campus:

If GV students can get Papa John’s delivered, then why not Einstein’s or Starbucks? For finals week, they should be able to!  Exam cramming calls for lots and lots of caffeine, and who is the Grand Valley administration to get in the way of that? This sounds like such an amazing idea, it should be implemented all year.


1.) An actual time machine located in every classroom:

Though stress relief activities are super beneficial for most students’ studying habits, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll work for all. Sometimes the only thing a student needs is more time. Most of it will probably just be procrastinated again, but hey, it’s the thought that counts!


If only GV would actually implement any or all of these devices to help their students succeed. But we guess spending tuition dollars on sprinklers that water poles is nice too.



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