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6 Places In and Around GV to Chow Down For Only $3

Being a college student isn’t cheap. With buying books, paying tuition, and whatever other money Grand Valley’s made you fork over, it’s no surprise you’re broker than broke. Adding your grocery bill in isn’t helpful, especially when everything at the Lobby Shop costs triple what it should be. Don’t get all worked up, though! There are still ways to eat with a low budget, so in order to help you out, we, at The Black Sheep have created a list of places to eat for less than $3.

6.) Peppino’s on Lake Michigan:

Peppino’s isn’t cheap all the time, but if you go after 10, you can get half off apps. The  appetizers are big, especially for what your penniless-college-student-self has been used to. Unfortunately, one appetizer might be pushing the budget, so you’ll probably have to skip out on the tip. Don’t worry; your server won’t mind too much. They’re probably in college, too.

5.) Save a Lot next to the Taco Bell on Lake Michigan:

Save a Lot isn’t exactly a place to eat, but they do sell food, and they don’t call it Save a Lot for no reason! From off-brand Mountain Dew to off-brand cocoa puffs, they have everything to suit your poor college tastes for less than $3.

4.) Taco Bell next to the Save a Lot on Lake Michigan:

Though Taco Bell has the uncanny ability to make a person vomit, it sure is cheap! Buy a couple tacos or have a look through their extensive $1 menu. Either way, you won’t be breaking the bank here. Make sure to get more bang for your buck by stealing all the extra sauce packets on your way out.

3.) Uccello’s on Lake Michigan:

Yes, we all know that nothing at Uccello’s is less than $3, but guess what? Taking half-eaten food off other people’s tables is free. Being on the bus route, Uccello’s is the perfect place to have an actual decent meal with your friends. If you do want to have a place to sit down, make sure you’re way down the street before your server comes back and realizes you’ve left without paying the bill.

2.) Fresh Food Co.:

College kids can be gross and wasteful, but that’s okay because you can benefit from it. Try turning those long ago complaints into a new, well-fed version of yourself, and what better place to try than Fresh? Fresh has a conveyor belt system that carries uneaten food back into the dish room, a perfect place for you to wait around and snag plates of uneaten waffles and overcooked pizza! Not only tasty, but free.

1.) Vending machines located throughout campus:

Vending machines have cheap food that tastes good, too. For $3 you can buy yourself breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Well, as long as you’re okay with Skittles for breakfast, potato chips for lunch, and Cheez-Its for dinner.

Eating on a budget doesn’t have to be hard. It can be done with only $3, and now that you’ve learned a few helpful tips and tricks, you can feel free to go out and eat all the Taco Bell hot sauce packets and half-eaten pizza crusts your broke heart desires!

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