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If GVSU Was Snapchat Filters

Snapchat filters come and gone with some clearly being better than others. We’ve found a small collection of Snapchat filters that we feel best represent GVSU. 

6.) This is a Laker, right?:


Everyone knows GVSU students are the Lakers, but no one really knows what a Laker actually is. This mermaid watery oceany Snapchat filter is the closest to a Laker we’ve found since, sadly, there aren’t any Louie filters and faceswap just doesn’t recognize his beauty.

5.) They may be dead but at least they’re cute:



It’s rare to drive down Lake Michigan without seeing a dead deer laying on the side of the road, and hitting one is a constant fear when driving through the dark streets until Standale. At least they’re cute though!

4.) GV cares about the planet:

Professors have us print off a 40-slide PowerPoint for each class but at least they have recycling and compost bins in every building! GV’s suuuuuper environmentally conscious with green roofs and supplies made from recycled materials…We care about the Earth, but only the part that’s within a 100-mile radius of our home. 

3.) Basic bitch dog-face:


Girls at GV are basically just like every typical girl everywhere else, making use of Snapchat’s dog filter every day and posting the photos on Instagram claiming to be “not like other girls” who also have the same photo filter as their Facebook profile pic.

2.) Crying, like all of us on the inside:

Finals, snow, cold, having to take the bus because you can’t afford $450 a semester on a parking permit, having to wait in line at Panda Express…maybe we aren’t all crying on the outside but we sure are on the inside. 

1.) All these freakin’ snow filters:


We couldn’t just pick one filter to represent all the lake effect snow GV gets on a yearly basis. Seriously, we get more snow in one day than some states see in years. 


We walk through campus cold, miserable, and with wet socks: you won’t see people smiling during the winter months at GV. It’s just a thing.


At least we can bring our fat walrus friend with us to enjoy a Java City cinnamon roll latte. He’ll remind us that even if we’re physically alone, we aren’t…Snapchat alone? Still cold, though. 

No matter what round of filters Snapchat puts out, there will always be one that you can relate to GVSU, whether it’s a pizza face remnant of Fresh’s shitty thin slices or the cop giving out MIPs like GVPD. 

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