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5 Ignite Signs That Should Be Hanging Around UIC

The beginning of UIC’s school year brought with it the Ignite Campaign, a new campaign to increase student culture and strengthen campus unity. While Ignite tries to highlight the perks of student life here at UIC, the campaign posters aren’t the most honest depictions of life as a UIC Flame. Here The Black Sheep presents 5 posters that should be hanging on campus instead.




It’s not easy being an undergrad, especially when you’re in your last gen-ed and could give a fuck about what the professor is talking about. Oh shit, what was that? A 7-page research paper on chimpanzees? That’s totally not pointless.



Whether you’ve been crying all night because you’ve been studying for your orgo exam all week or because you’ve been doing calc homework all night and still don’t understand shit, UIC is great at throwing consistent punches and kicking you while you’re down. Depression is a viable option at this point. Let those tears flow, let them flow…


It could be a Tuesday after Joe’s or a Friday after Drum, either way you’re feeling like shit and you know for a fact that those $1 shots were not a good idea. Think before you drink.



You’ve bombed all your midterms and can’t seem to figure out what to do in life. One more bad semester and it might just be time to sign up for those pole dancing classes you saw advertised in the West Loop.



You just picked up from Mike down the hall and finished pearling that grape Swisher. It may be 10 a.m. in Chicago, but it’s 4:20 somewhere, right? Might as well spark that bad boy now.

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