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5 Struggles of Commuting at UIC

It’s not a secret that UIC is a commuter school. Most students commute from elsewhere in the city or from the (gasp!) suburbs. There are many sacrifices students who make the trip back and forth for their education, here’s a quick list of the five worst ones.

5.) Early Classes:
Many commuters choose to take earlier classes in order to get out of class and home earlier. As such, they also have to wake up much earlier than students who live near campus. As if it wasn’t bad enough waking up at 5:00 a.m., commuting at such hours adds insult to injury with crippling commuter traffic. Whether you commute in a car or via the CTA, the crush of bodies rushing into Chicago during morning hours adds unnecessary time to the already unpleasant journey.

4.) Killing Time:
Your first class ends at 11 and your next one isn’t until 5. What do you do? Six hours is more than enough time to get your homework for the day done, which is why, when walking around the library, you’ll see plenty of kids playing video games or browsing Reddit. The worst part about commuting to UIC is the winter – there aren’t really any places near campus to just hang out once the cold sets in, and the library begins to look like a soup kitchen.

3.) Sleeping:
You’ve got a big break between classes during which any normal college student would go back to their room and take a nap. Unfortunately, as a commuter, this is impossible and you’re confronted with two options: guzzle another coffee or sleep in the library. Plenty of students choose the latter, but that doesn’t mean it’s an appetizing option.

2.) Forgetting Things:
There is nothing worse than completing a three-hour commute only to open your backpack in class and find you don’t have the book you need – or worse, your paper due today, or, worse still, your headphones. Forgetfulness can impact your life in more ways than academic as well; students who forget their lunch or morning coffee have no choice but to shell out for sustenance at overpriced UIC-area options, like the Inner Circle or Busy Burger.

1.) Time:
By far the worst part of commuting is the time spent in getting to and from school. Ever wonder how your classmates could be going out and drinking on weeknights? Here’s your answer: they don’t have to commute. They can get out of class and be finished with their homework by the time you even get home, leaving their evening free for debauchery. Commuters miss out on a lot on campus – but nothing so much as the special happiness that comes from getting wasted with your friends on a Thursday night.

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