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6 Ways to Procrastinate Until Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving break is only one week away, but that’s one week too long for us. With students eager to finish up their midterms and shut their brains off, the UIC population is looking for ways to slack off until it comes time to have awkward conversation with relatives and eat below-average food that their mom prepared. With the dilemma at hand we came up with some ways you can kill time at UIC until the 2-day break that UIC so gracefully provides.


6.) Bar Crawls:

The glorious city of Chicago has bar crawls every. damn. day. If your body so allows, you could stay drunk right up until break. This activity is something you can go at alone– bar crawls are the perfect place to meet a stranger, dump all your emotional baggage, and bolt. To stay on the safe side, you should probably stay drunk throughout break, too. Want to keep it local? Try the Taylor Street bar crawl, consisting of Little Joe’s, Ten Doors, Vintage, The Drum and Monkey, and Hawkeye’s. All these mediocre bars serve mediocre liquor. At the end of the day, that’s all you really need.  


5.) Netflix and Pills:

Baby, it’s cold outside. So, stay indoors and enjoy the multitude of titles offered by Netflix. Binge watching is a marathon, not a sprint, so pace yourself. Pills certainly aid in the spacing out process that is necessary to maintain a good Netflix-to-chill ratio. Try Easy, an off-beat series based in Chicago that will allow you to experience the city from the comfort of your bed. Chicago PD and Chicago Fire are filmed on Taylor Street all the time, so you can get your UIC fix.


4.) Irish Coffee Run:

For this procrastination method, you’ll need a flask and a heavy winter coat. Coffee shops through the city are theming everything pumpkin, and Jack Daniel’s will make that experience so much easier. Grab a latte from Coffee Alley on Taylor, with a heavy helping of Fireball. Pregaming your orgo lecture never hurt anyone, right?


3.) Groupon:

If you’ve got cheap friends, Groupon is your move, especially during the holiday season. There’s a sensory-deprivation tank Uptown, and you never know, that’s what you might need to hone your skills and change your name to Twelve. Chicago is home to many a weird coupon deal, like the Gangster Tour through Little Italy. Take the tour with a prospective significant other, nothing says romance like westside Chicago viewed from an old school bus.

2.) Fake Studying:

Take up a whole table at the Lib and do nothing. Find the best view, sprawl out your study gear, pop in your headphones and dive into a rabbit hole of YouTube videos you never thought would have existed. Research your favorite conspiracy theory, shop online, look into classes you might want to maybe think about considering taking next semester. As long as you look like you’re studying, you’ll be good to go!


1.) Catch Up on Some Sleep:

With midterms almost over the odds are that your sleeping schedule isn’t exactly where it should be. With Thanksgiving Break a week out it’s finally your chance to skip those non-attendance lectures and pointless discussion sections and catch up on your sleep. Why wake up an hour earlier to catch the Blue Line when you can hit snooze, roll over, and head back to dreamland? Nothing says satisfaction like dodging all your responsibilities for a day.

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