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7 Questions for People Who Stand in The Kitchen at 10 Doors

In recent weeks The Bar 10 Doors has seen a decline in attendance. It could be because of midterms, it might be that everyone at UIC is getting responsible and not going on Thursdays, but it’s likely that everyone is finally realizing 10 Doors is 10 Doors. Regardless, the bar is bound to be packed again when the end of the semester rolls around, and with that comes the patrons who stand in the kitchen between the two bars. Ever wonder why? Well, now we ask them.


7.) Do you think the kitchen is VIP?:

Do the patrons who occupy the kitchen actually think they’re better than the rest of the bar-goers? Is the kitchen really the VIP spot? We’ve never seen any velvet ropes anywhere.


6.) Do you enjoy hanging out with coats?:

In addition to being a cool place to hang out on Thursday nights, the kitchen of 10 Doors doubles as an impromptu coat check, acting as a common hiding place for people to place their parkas when they trek to Doors in the winter. Do the people like the coats, or do they just like to rummage through the pockets?

5.) Does 10 Doors serve food on Thursdays?:

Most patrons walk into 10 Doors after a pregame, and once they started drinking at 9p.m. everything that isn’t alcohol is instantly forgotten about. Free business idea, 10 Doors: Serve food on Thursday—bring in some people who actually want to be there.


4.) Do the bouncers NOT yell at you specifically?:

Whenever anyone walks through the kitchen at 10 Doors they’re usually met at the end by a big man in a black shirt telling them to use the real door to go between rooms. Are you guys elite? Have a special card or something? Do you pay off the bouncers? Or are you just so hard that you don’t even care about the 10 Doors bouncers anymore?


3.) What are they hiding in there?:

You can see that the kitchen is an incredibly well-guarded place in 10 Doors. Everyone who isn’t rewarded “10 Doors Prime” membership wonders what’s going on in there that they guard it so strictly. Is it just to keep drunks away from kitchenware? Is it a portal to The Upside Down? Are they hiding an alcoholic experiment gone wrong?


2.) Is there a secret alcohol source in there?:

This would be an actual good excuse to be spending a night out in a kitchen. If there were a secret beer tap in there everyone would be guarding it with their lives. No wonder no one is allowed in there.


1.) Why?:

Honestly, it’s just a kitchen. There’s no music, no dancing, and (probably) no drugs. What is so appealing about hanging out in there?



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